Arron Dunworth for Gay Times

Drag Race icon Peppermint spilt some major T about one of her unforgettable lip-sync performances from season nine. 

Since her first appearance in the Drag Race franchise, the beloved queen has cultivated a successful career within the entertainment sphere. 

From becoming the first trans performer to originate a role on Broadway to her popular music releases, the talented public figure has shown no signs of slowing down. 

While Peppermint’s star has branched out over the years, the Blend singer has always taken time to spill the tea on her Drag Race beginnings, including her iconic Madonna themed lip-sync against Cynthia Lee Fontaine. 

In a recent interview on Squirrel Friends: The Official RuPaul’s Drag Race Podcast, the Head Over Hills star was asked by host Alec Mapa if she planned on delivering such a sickening performance.

“You shot her with an invisible sawed-off shotgun. Did you have that planned in advance? Mapa asked. 

In response, Peppermint revealed that the performance came down to her thinking fast on her feet. 

“I mean, no, I didn’t have planned. However, it was a combination of me thinking fast on my feet. And then also thinking like minutes before going on because I knew I was [going to lip-sync],” she explained. 

“They tell you you’re going to lip-sync, and then you stand there for what feels like an hour waiting for them to adjust the lights and prepare, so during that time, I was like, ‘Ok, what can I do? How am I going to use the stage? Oh, my dress.” 

On the runway at the time, Peppermint wore an ensemble similar to Madonna’s Marilyn Monroe-inspired ensemble from Material Girl. 

“So I rad down that sort of list in my head… I literally had to hike my dress up around my booty [and] I did the MC Hammer typewriter,” she added.

Fortunately for Peppermint, her electric lip sync was a hit amongst the judges, resulting in her staying in the competition. 

This isn’t the first time, Peppermint has opened up about her time on Drag Race season nine.

Back in September, the I Am Jazz star revealed to YouTuber Joseph Shephard that she was originally eliminated from the show before being brought back for the final four. 

“The girls had preparation in a way that we didn’t. They all went in thinking there was going to be a top-four. We went there thinking there’s gonna be a top three.”

“At that last episode, we were like, well: ‘One of us is going home, and I don’t know who it’s gonna be.'”

Peppermint went on to say that they filmed multiple endings for the penultimate episode, including her elimination. 

Fortunately, the beloved entertainer found out she made the final four after the episode aired.

Watch Peppermint and Cynthia’s full lip sync to Madonna’s Music below.