Fans are divided over the winners of this week’s episode of Drag Race All Stars 9.

Major Spoilers ahead

Following last week’s shocking ruby snippers moment between Roxxxy Andrews, Gottmik and Angeria Paris VanMichaels, the queens returned to the werkroom to decompress the dramatic affair.

After settling on the couches, Roxxxy opened up about her difficult decision, telling the girls, “Honestly, I don’t want anybody in the predicament that I just had. I didn’t want to snip anybody. Mik was just the only possibility in my mind. And I f***ing live for her, man.”

As a way to comfort Roxxxy, Jorgeous reminded her that everything they do in the competition is all for charity.

Midway through their kiki, Gottmik rejoined the other girls holding the infamous ruby snippers, which resulted in the Roxxxy apologizing to her again.

However, things took an awkward turn when the conversation transitioned to Angeria almost being cut for a third time.

“Angie, when them scissors landed on yo punk ass, I said, there is no way. I’m not cutting Angeria,” Roxxxy exclaimed.

While most of the queens gagged over the shocking moment, Gottmik called out Roxxxy for knowing where she was in the lineup.

“You were like, ‘I don’t know where anyone is. I never opened my eyes, and then you [turned around] and were like, it’s Angeria?'” Gottmik said.

“Like, to me, it just felt like you saw it, and then you heard our reactions and then were like, ‘Well, I can’t do this.'”

In a confessional, Roxxxy expressed her hopes for the other queens to believe her before adding that they may be looking for any excuse to take her down.

“I done f***ed around, and I’m a target. I gotta be a target. Let’s get messy up in here,” she said in a confessional.

The next day, the ladykins returned to the workroom to meet with RuPaul, who assigned them their sixth maxi-challenge.

“This week, you’ll take turns roasting each other at the National Drag Convention,” Mama Ru announced. “Now, to help you get roast-ready, you’ll workshop your material with political strategist Michelle Visage and our extra-special guest judge Hollywood royalty Ruta Lee.”

Since Jorgeous won the straw poll mini-challenge, Ru assigned her to figure out the roast order.

With the National Drag Convention around the corner, the season 14 talent got down to work on the lineup.

Ultimately, Jorgeous assigned Shannel as the opener, herself in the second spot, Plastique Tiara in third, Roxxxy in fourth, Vanessa Vanjie in fifth, Angeria in sixth, Gottmik in seventh, and Nina West as the closer—which was not well received by the latter.

“So this is a good strategy on Jorgeous’ part. It’s also a terrible strategy for me because, like, I guess people see me as the most like, seasoned stand-up comedian, but I’m not,” Nina explained in a confessional.

“And now I have the pressure of having to, like, wrap it up and send it home.”

After creating the speech schedule, the queens headed to the runway to workshop their material with Michelle and Ruta, where they received a handful of tips and tricks.

The next day, the ladies returned to the werkroom refreshed, confident and ready to deliver their cheeky roasts.

While she received the ruby snippers last week, Gottmik expressed her excitement for the challenge due to her successful roast experience during her season.

“Even though I can’t win a badge. I wanna show everyone that I can still turn this out and win money for my charity. Point blank, period dot com,” she said in a confessional.

On the other side of the workroom, Jorgeous, Plastique, Roxxxy, and Nina discussed their roast characters, with the former admitting that she was taking on a boy persona.

The conversation got a little tense when Vanjie asked Roxxxy if she viewed herself as a target since she was in the lead with three badges.

“I feel like I’m a definite target. I mean, anyone here can be like, ‘Oh, well, she’s the easy one to cut, but you might want to think about the next challenge,'” the Floridian queen said in response.

With their faces beat, hair laid and outfits assembled, the queens headed to the main stage to deliver their epic roasts at the National Drag Convention, which were filled with hilarious zingers, not-so-hilarious jokes and eerily familiar material for fans of comedian Nikki Glaser.

After strutting down the runway in their “Atomic Blonde” ensembles, the ladies were treated to the judges’ critiques.

While Ru and company praised all the ladies for doing an exceptional job during their respective roasts, Angeria and Plastique were named the top All Stars of the week.

After delivering a high-energy performance full of drama, dips, floor choreography, and creative moves to La Bouche’s ‘Be My Lover, Angeria was named the winner and responsible for cutting off another queen.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t easy for the Atlanta-based talent, who seemed nervous about making her decision.

“I’m worried about after I cut somebody, are they gonna hate me? Are they gonna be upset? Are they gonna cut my lacefronts? Angeria said in a confessional.

“Like girl, I’m feeling all of the pressure on my shoulder bitch.

Ultimately, the season 14 star snipped Roxxxy, preventing her from receiving a Beautiful Benefactress Badge next week.

Since its premiere, fans have flocked to social media to share their reactions to the episode, with many viewers exclaiming that Jorgeous was robbed of the top spot.

One fan on X, formerly known as Twitter, wrote: “Jorgeous should’ve been at the top with Plastique again.”

Another fan echoed similar sentiments, writing: “It should’ve been Jorgeous and any one of the other queens in that top 2. I’m fuming.”

Another viewer added: “Am I the only one who didn’t agree with the winners this week? I fully thought Shannel and Jorgeous were gonna win.”

Next week on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 9, the queens will be tasked with costarring in a scene with the one and only RuPaul. Roxxxy and Angeria are also set to clash over the latter snipping her.

See below for more fan reactions to the sixth episode of All Stars 9.