Spoilers ahead for the grand finale of Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs the World. 

After weeks of sickening challenges and jaw-dropping lip-syncs, Brooke Lynn Hytes has crowned the second ‘Queen of the Mothertucking World.’

For their sixth and final maxi-challenge, the top four contestants of Canada vs the World – Rita Baga, Ra’Jah O’Hara, Victoria Scone and Silky Nutmeg Ganache – took part in an extraterrestrial photoshoot with Monét X Change, sashayed down the runway in their finest “Coronation, Eleganza, Extravaganza” and competed in lip-sync smackdowns for the crown. 

In front of the eliminated queens – Kendall Gender, Stephanie Price, Anita Wigl’it, Icesis Couture, and Vanity Milan – the final four were critiqued for their performances throughout the entire competition.

At the start of the critiques, the panel praised Silky for “stepping into her spotlight” throughout the competition. The judges also lauded her showstopping final runway look.

When the spotlight went to Ra’Jah, the judges praised the US-based queen for being a lip-sync assassin and for her stunning runway designs. Traci Melchor also commended Ra’Jah for being a perfect representation of Black excellence. 

The praises continued when Victoria took centre stage. While Traci described her as “quiet” and a “little bit reserved” at the beginning of the competition, she went on to say that Victoria became “unstoppable” after finding her footing. Brooke Lynn also added that the Drag Race UK star does “better drag than 95 percent of most cisgender men.” 

Lastly, the judges lauded Rita for having a “glow up” since her debut on Canada’s Drag Race season one – with Brad Goreski praising the Montreal–based queen for “upping the ante” every week. 

After the heartwarming critiques, the contestants headed backstage to join the eliminated queens for their final Untucked of the series. 

The conversation quickly turned to Icesis’ emotional self-elimination after the queens asked if the Canada’s Drag Race season two winner was okay.

“It’s so good to see you back. You look absolutely incredible. I will tell you that we literally said a prayer for you,” Ra’Jah said. “You’ve been on my mind heavy, and I just want you to know that we love you.”

In response, Icesis thanked the queens for being supportive during her heartbreaking exit. 

Towards the end of their Untucked gathering, Kendall surprised the group when she seemingly alluded to having grievances with her Drag Race sisters.

“I have some f**king shit to say to all y’all bitches,” she said. After a brief silence, Kendall revealed that she was joking before stating that she “just needed a moment” because she wasn’t in the competition long enough.

The cast soon returned to the stage, where Brooke Lynn revealed that each of the queens would choose a box that holds the title of the first two lip-syncs songs.

She then revealed that the queens that select the same track would face off in a performance. 

For the first lip-sync, Ra’Jah and Victoria took the stage to deliver an electric and dance-heavy performance of Nelly Furtado and Missy Elliot’s Do It. Ultimately, the panel selected Ra’Jah as the winner, resulting in Victoria being eliminated. 

For the second to last lip sync, Silky and Rita laid it all out on the stage during their rendition of Broken Bones by Love Inc. While both queens delivered sickening moves, passion and face, Silky ended up on top. 

Following the epic final lip-sync smackdown, in which Silky and Ra’Jah competed to Celine Dion’s cover of River Deep, Mountain High, Brooke Lynn and company announced the latter as the second-ever ‘Queen of the Mothertucking World’.

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