Omar Apollo has – extremely important news incoming – addressed his twink critics.

On 28 June, the American singer-songwriter released his second studio album, God Said No, fronted by the acclaimed singles ‘Spite‘, ‘Dispose of Me‘ and ‘Less of You‘.

Ahead of its release, Apollo told his fans via Twitter/X that he’s seen “a few twinks complaining” that the album doesn’t consist of “loose booty hole music or popper music”.

While he acknowledged that there’s “SOME feel good tracks” – particularly the third uptempo single ‘Less of You’ – he said his aim was to “deliver art” with the album.

“Don’t listen and seek to be therapized elsewhere,” he advised the aforementioned twinks, before later asking them to “sort their differences” and stream God Said No. 

Check out his tweets below.

God Said No features a special guest appearance from Pedro Pascal on the penultimate track ‘Pedro’.

The singer revealed that the Drive-Away Dolls star, who he has been close with “for, like, a while now”, would be featured earlier this year in an interview with ABC News.

“There was a song that he really loved, the song ‘Glow’. I was like, ‘It’d be really cool to hear you speak before that song plays,’ because the song is about grief and heartbreak,” said Apollo.

“I thought it’d be a really good idea for him to speak on like a grief in his life or a story in his life. He sent me a voice memo, I asked him to, and then chopped it up and that’s how it turned out.”

The song features a short intro from Apollo, before Pascal completes the remainder of the song with a spoken-word monologue about his “shattered” heart.

God Said No is out now – listen to ‘Pedro’ here or below.