Nicholas Galitzine has shared his thoughts on a potential romance between his Mary & George and Red, White & Royal Blue characters.

Over the past year, the British actor has added two beloved more queer characters to his rather rainbow-hued filmography – which also includes Handsome Devil (2016) and The Craft: Legacy (2020) – with Prince Henry from Prime Video’s adaptation of Casey McQuiston‘s championed novel, and George Villiers in Sky Atlantic’s period drama Mary & George. 

In a recent interview with TV Linein which he promoted the latter to mark its US release, Galitzine was asked how George would ‘seduce’ Henry.

He replied: “Oh, God. Hard to imagine the sort of modern context of it. But we were talking before about the characters in a modern setting and the existence of social media and dating apps and all of that. George is a very resourceful young man.”

Galitzine said he’s “sure” that George would “figure out a way” to get Prince Henry in the sack.

Since the release of Red, White & Royal Blue, fans (and us – especially us) have been calling on Prime Video to commission a sequel.

Matthew Lopez, director, even told GAY TIMES that “everyone in the hair and makeup department” pitched their ideas for a follow-up, from “Red, White & Royal Wedding” to “Red, White & Royal Baby”. 

“Look, any movie that ever simply gets made is a miracle. It’s greedy for a filmmaker two weeks before his movie comes out to start talking about a sequel,” he said. “People loved the book so much they wanted the movie, right? I should be so lucky that people love the movie so much that they want another one.”

When asked about a sequel by TV Line, Galitzine it would depend on “scripts and directors and everything like that”: “But I’m so overwhelmingly pleased and humbled by the love that people showed that movie, obviously, in a time where we couldn’t promote it, as well, [because of the SAG-AFTRA strike]. So I’m eternally grateful for that.”

In a joint conversation with Entertainment Weekly, Galitzine’s Red, White & Royal Blue co-star Taylor Zakhar Perez said “this is the question I get every day in my life”.

“I’m waiting for Casey to announce the second book. I’m assuming that that’s what the film would be based off of — kind of like a Francis Ford Coppola and Mario Puzo [with The Godfather books]. That would be the way that I would love it for it to happen,” he explained.

“Matthew got the opportunity to adapt it, but Casey is the brain behind this world and these characters. And you would want Casey’s touch in there because they’re so smart and kind and just sees — this world is such a what-if world, and to have another one of those films like this that had such a great response, and in countries where it’s quite literally illegal to be queer in these countries, it was No. 1 on Amazon.

“So you know that throughout the world, where there’s eight billion people, there’s eight percent of them identify as LGBTQIA+, that’s 640 million people that are watching this. Hopefully. You would love to affect that many people.

“And then the community around them, I think it’s just as important for those a part of the community and those that are not part of the community to watch this project and just learn something, enjoy it, laugh.”

Red, White & Royal Blue is streaming worldwide on Prime Video.

The acclaimed rom-com follows the enemies-to-lovers romance between Alex (Zakhar Perez), the son of America’s first female president (Uma Thurman), and Henry (Galitzine), a British prince.

Mary & George stars Oscar winner Julianne Moore as Mary Villiers, “a woman of humble beginnings and formidable ambition who moulded her second son, George (Galitzine), to seduce King James VI of Scotland and I of England (Tony Curran) and become his all-powerful lover.”

All eight episodes are now available to stream in the UK on Sky Atlantic and in the US on Starz.

Galitzine will next star in Prime Video’s The Idea of You. The rom-com stars Anne Hathaway as Soléne, a 40-year-old single mother who begins an “unexpected romance” with a 24-year-old pop star (Galitzine).

You can watch the trailer for The Idea of You here or below.