The verdict is in! Nicholas Galitzine has revealed who the best kisser is between Taylor Zakhar Perez and Tony Curran.

On 9 May, a lucky group of fans was treated to a screening of the acclaimed Prime Video romantic comedy Red, White & Royal Blue in Cluver City, California.

The exciting event also featured a special Q&A with the film’s stars, including Galitzine, Zakhar Perez, Uma Thurman, Sarah Shahi, Clifton Collins Jr. and Rachel Hilson.

Amid the bevy of fan questions, the screening moderator, Gerrad Hall, asked the Bottoms star what many have wondered: Who is the better kisser, Zakhar Perez or his Mary & George co-star Tony Curran?

“Well, I mean, Tony has a very thick beard, which I was not used to, but then you have the stubble, which was chaffage,” Galitzine revealed.

After Zakhar Perez teased that he could also grow a beard, the Handsome Devil star said that he was “impartial to both of them.” 

Galitzine wasn’t the only one to be inquired about which of his co-stars was the superior kisser.

Moments before Galitzine was put in the hot seat, the moderator grilled Zakhar Perez for avoiding a similar question about the former and his Kissing Booth co-star Joey King. 

“I’m going to put you on the spot for a second because you avoided the question when I asked on the podcast,” Hall said. 

“Well, actually, no. You avoided it on the red carpet, but you still wouldn’t say on the podcast when someone asked you who is the better kisser, Nick or Joey King.” 

After revealing to Zakhar Perez that King was upset he didn’t answer the question, the Minx star playfully rebutted the claims, stating, “I think I said they could both get it.” 

Galtinze also poked fun, accusing King of being “so competitive,” which caused the audience to laugh. 

In addition to the hilarious Q&A, director Matthew López and Red, White and Royal Blue author Casey McQuiston used the event to announce the film’s highly anticipated sequel.

“Yes, there’s gonna be a sequel,” the American playwright exclaimed with the Along For The Ride author adding, “Matthew and I are writing it together. That’s all we can say.” 

Prime Video also released a teaser poster to commemorate the news.

A picture of a cake, referencing Henry and Alex’s global scandal in the original, can be seen with decorations of a British and American flag, as well as a number “2” candle.

As of this writing, plot details are currently scarce, but… IT! IS! HAPPENING! A sequel is coming! Finally!

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