Luke Macfarlane “decided” to not follow through with one sexual scene in the upcoming comedy Bros.

In a recent interview with Variety, the actor was questioned by journalist Mark Malkin about how he ‘navigated’ the many sex scenes in the film and whether there was an intimacy coordinator on set.

“Nowadays, there’s always an intimacy coordinator, so that’s really interesting. I think, specifically, we had an LGBT coordinator so they were familiar with language that might be a little bit different,” responded Luke.

“It’s like any scene with any actor, you figure it out with your scene partner; what you’re going to be comfortable with, and I’ve always been really comfortable with Billy. Comedy is funny that way, because you want to push it a little bit.”

However, there was one particular moment that Eichner pitched for a sex scene that the Brothers & Sisters star was uncomfortable with.

“I think there was a moment when he was like, ‘Shall we spit on each other?’ and I was like, ‘Nope, nope,'” he laughed. “So, that was something I decided.”

In Bros, Macfarlane plays a “gay Tom Brady” called Aaron who becomes romantically involved with Bobby Lieber (Eichner), a semi-famous person with an “eclectic portfolio of media-centric jobs”.

Written by Eichner with Nick Stoller (Neighbors), with the latter also directing the film, Bros has been billed as the first gay rom-com to be produced by a major Hollywood studio with an almost entirely LGBTQ+ principal cast.

The cast also includes Bowen Yang, Guillermo Díaz, Ts Madison, Miss Lawrence, Harvey Fierstien, Symone and Benito Skinner.

Speaking with GAY TIMES, Eichner said it was crucial for Bros to depict gay people as multi-dimensional, as “funny, sad, lonely, extremely confident, messy, brave horny and hypocritical adult human beings”.

“We so rarely see that, so it was really important to me,” he explained. “I said to Nick from the very beginning, ‘This has to be authentic. I’m not doing it unless we’re telling, of course I want it to be funny, but it has to feel real and grounded.’”


The Emmy-nominated actor, who had never written a film before Bros, said he was “worried at the beginning” of the creative process that he “didn’t have anything to say” about the gay community.

“I didn’t know what the story of the movie would be, then it was one of those crazy things – and maybe you get this as a writer – where all of a sudden, you’re obligated to write something so you sit down, stare at the blank page. Turns out, I had so much to say!” he added.

“I realised that we are just so hungry as LGBTQ+ people, as gay men, to see accurate, multi-dimensional and genuinely funny and genuinely smart depictions of ourselves that we don’t get.”

Bros is due for release 28 October in the UK.

Watch the trailer here or below.