The next episode of Tag Talks… has arrived.

Each instalment of the GAY TIMES original podcast, which premieres bi-monthly, follows CEO Tag Walker as he discusses music, activism, fashion and more with various special guest stars.

The premiere episode featured former cover star and Tag’s close personal friend, Greyson Chance, as he opened up about his mental health and how the coronavirus pandemic impacted his artistry. (You can listen to that episode here on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.)

Following on from Greyson, L Devine – one of GAY TIMES’ Elevate artists – also speaks about her experiences in the music industry, particularly how older, straight white men tend to dictate the vision of younger female artists.

“So you’re gonna get four dudes to write a girl boss empowerment anthem? I don’t want to hear that! Just get girls to write their truth,” the Naked Alone singer tells Tag, before adding: “Some f***ing white dude writing – what do you know about what I’m going through?

“Especially when it’s a female artist and all the writing credits are these old dudes. Why are you writing tunes for an 18-year-old girl? What do you know about it!?”

L Devine, who boasts critically-acclaimed pop anthems such as Peer Pressure, Boring People and Don’t Say It, also explains how embracing her sexuality and being honest in her music has impacted her artistry.

Listen to the latest episode of Tag Talks… with L Devine now on Apple Podcasts and Spotify (or wherever you get your favourite podcasts).