“So… you think Plastique is a basic bitch?”

RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Asia O’Hara, Yvie Oddly, Plastique Tiara and Gigi Goode have come together with Grindr to put their own hilarious coronavirus-era twist on that classic Mean Girls four-way phone call scene.

“Plastique told me that you have not been practicing social-distancing,” Asia says to Yvie at the start of the video.

“I mean look, I don’t care, do whatever you want, but let me tell you something about corona; first of all, it’s a virus – ew – and all it cares about is getting in the way of work and school and friends and family.”

The queens go on to argue over who’s getting more (virtual) attention on Grindr, who’s going to win the Quarantine Queen crown, and the fact that Gigi still “doesn’t know that corona is a virus and not a beer”.

Watch the sketch here or below.