DC Comics (Superman: Son of Kal-El)
DC Comics (Superman: Son of Kal-El)

Attention Superman fans! The iconic Man of Steel is set to be gay in a brand new series following the popular character.

The inclusive news comes from DC Comics artist Ethan Van Sciver during an interview with ComicArtistsPro Secrets on YouTube

“I just found out, I got a little bit of a scoop about what DC’s plans are. Nobody knows this yet. It hasn’t been really announced, except by me,” he explained.

“The plan is that… Superman’s book… I guess Clark Kent is going bye-bye.” 

According to Van Sciver, the character’s sexuality will be explored in the Superman: Son of Kal El story. 

The artist also talked about DC having “problems maintaining” the trademark of Superman over the years due to him being “old.”

“He’s an old character, and the family would desperately like money because their family, their ancestors who created Superman got completely fucked over,” he continued.

“I mean Superman has made billions and billions and billions of dollars in revenue and those two boys who made up Superman got ‘bupkis’, they were Jewish so they got ‘bupkis’ they got nothing.

“Clark Kent I guess is going bye-bye and they are going to replace him with Jonathan Kent, and then they are going to announce that Jonathan Kent is gay. So Superman is effectively gay, everyone. He is gay.” 

In an official synopsis for the new book, Jon Kent is described as  “eager to follow in his dad’s footsteps” after gaining “powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal boys.” 

This incredible news comes a week after DC announced that Tim Drake aka Robin was bisexual.

In the latest issue of Batman: Urban Legends #6 – written by Meghan Fitzmartin, illustrated Belén Ortega and supported by colourist Alejandro Sánchez – Drake opened up about his sexuality to his friend Bernard. 

“Ever have a lightbulb moment? Like something out in the ether has been taunting you, teasing you,” he explained. 

“Like you know you’re supposed to be on the same page as your brain but not everything made sense. People keep asking me what I want. 

“But I couldn’t grasp it. Whatever it was. It always felt just out of reach. Until now. Until right now.”

Shortly after the news broke, Fitzmartin opened up about Drake’s journey and identity. 

“I wanted to pay tribute to the fact that sexuality is a journey,” Fitzmartin said. “To be clear, his feelings for Stephanie have been/are 100% real, as are his feelings for Bernard. However, Tim is still figuring himself out. I don’t think he has the language for it all… yet.”

We love to see this LGBTQ+ inclusion y’all.