The Great British Fake Off…

Great British Bake Off contestant Tom Hetherington had us all hot under the collar when he entered Britain’s most famous tent earlier this year, having guys and girls up and down the country swooning over his dashing good looks and enviable baking skills.

But this week it was reported that some fans got hold of a little more of Tom than we’ve seen previous. In short: always look after your nudes, people.

However, the pictures in question didn’t look quite right, and now Tom himself has denied that they are of him.

After fans started sharing the photos on Twitter, one follower urged the openly gay architect to verify their authenticity.

“I’m sorry to break it to you but the photos aren’t me,” he replied after taking a look at them.

Offering the reasons why, he added: “1) I don’t have a pierced nipple. 2) After a year of solid baking I definitely don’t have a six pack. 3) I would never wear a shirt or a belt that hideous.”

So there you have it: don’t believe everything you see on the internet.

Well, apart from Tom’s bakery perfection on his Instagram, which you can see here.