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“It’s hard to relate to something when you don’t see it as relevant to you,” explains 38-year-old Daniel, who’s a social media influencer and Only Fans creator.

“As a person of colour, a lot of gay stuff doesn’t resonate. I hope that this campaign resonates with as many different people as possible under the LGBTQ banner and encourages them to get tested for HIV.

“Because representation does work. My image was key in the marketing for Circuit Festival last summer, which is a gay festival in Barcelona, and then so many Black gay men were there and came up to me. That’s really powerful – my involvement showed that the festival is a safe, inclusive space for Black gay men.”

Twin brother Darren (teacher by day, go-go dancer by night) agrees, saying: “When I speak to Black guys on Grindr, they’ll have no face picture. For them being ‘discreet’ is more important than being healthy or thinking about sexual health. They won’t share their face pictures.

“I’m half Nigerian and half Jamaican, but I was born in London. I don’t care about people seeing me or knowing I’m gay. I don’t care what my mum and dad think about think about me being gay. I’m proud to be associated with HIV testing and I hope it shows other Black, gay men that this message is relevant to you.”

Both brothers came out in their mid-20s and knew very little about HIV or sexual health prior to that. Which meant getting tested was a nerve-racking experience – but learning about PrEP and what it means to be ‘undetectable’ has helped change that.

“We’re so lucky now in the era of PrEP and undetectable and knowing for sure that someone taking their treatment can’t pass on HIV,” says Darren. “I think gay men have a good life now – I wish maybe I’d been born a bit later as Gen Z have never had to have sex without PrEP being an option. I’m still pretty anxious about HIV and testing now, but I think that’s because I’m a typical Cancer.”

“I didn’t learn about undetectable and living with HIV until I was with someone who was positive,” says Daniel, who protects himself using PrEP. “There was definitely some ignorance on my part so it was good to meet someone and learn. Now my knowledge is so much better and my attitude to HIV testing is more relaxed.

“PrEP has silenced my anxiety around HIV 100%. I take it event based as I know I’m not going to be having sex during the week because I’m so busy.

“Sexual health is really high up on my priority list. If I’m going into a new relationship, it’s important that we both take it seriously and protect ourselves. It gives me confidence in what we’re doing and lets me just enjoy sex.”

You will no doubt spot Daniel and Darren while scrolling your phone or out and about on the bus or train this National HIV Testing Week. They hope you’ll be inspired by them to take action and there’s no better time to test for HIV than during National HIV Testing Week.

Order a free HIV test kit from It Starts With Me and for free, confidential support, contact Terrence Higgins Trust on 0808 802 1221.