Popular London nightclub Heaven was forced to evacuate this past weekend (23 July) after a bomb threat was reported.

According to report from the Mirror, club-goers were forced to leave the establishment after someone called the authorities about a “suspicious item.”

Shortly after the club was evacuated, owner Jeremy Joseph tweeted an update regarding the investigation.

“Feel physically sick [Heaven Nightclub] evacuated for the 2nd time due to another bomb threat, please stay away from the area waiting for sniffer dogs to arrive,” he wrote.

Soon after the initial evacuation, the Metropolitan Police Department announced that the threat was a hoax.

“At 9:14 pm on Friday, 23 July police received a report of a possible suspicious item at a nightclub Villers Street, WC2,” a spokesperson said.

“Specialists officers attended and carried out a thorough search. Nothing suspicious was found and the report was deemed a hoax.”

Shortly after getting the okay from officials, the venue re-opened and went back to business as usual.

Joseph also thanked the authorities and club-goers for their prompt response to the life-threatening incident.

“[Metropolitian Police] police dogs are amazing, I can’t tell you how scary walking around a closed venue with sniffer dogs is, they are amazing,” he said.

“[Thank you] to all customers who cleared area in literally 3 minutes.”

This isn’t the first time that the LGBTQ+ hotspot has been at the center of a bomb threat.

Back in May, Drag Race UK stars The Vivienne, Tia Kofi and Veronica Green were left shaken when police were called to the club investigate an item at the venue.

As a precaution, trains running from Charing Cross were temporarily suspended and the queens, as well as Heaven owner Jeremy Joseph, were escorted out of the club.

The item in question ended up being “non-suspicious” but the incident did leave a mark on some of our favourite queens.

Drag Race UK season one winner The Vivienne recalled the incident on Instagram, telling followers: “The police were absolutely amazing. They made us feel so safe. It’s such a shame, after lockdown, everybody is dying to get back to work, and this happens.”

Tia added: “Today was a terrifying experience. We’re all safe but shaken up. Thank you for all the kind messages.”

Veronica assured her followers that all four queens are safe, adding: “So terrifying to be targeted though. Thanks for all your kind messages.”

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