Get off of ma Twitter!

Homophobia in general is fairly stupid. Homophobia direct towards Danny Dyer is just dumb.

After hearing the news that Easteners had been shortlisted in the Media Moment category of the British LGBT Awards, Danny, who plays Mick Carter in the show, Tweeted: “Honoured honoured honoured.”

Following this tweet, a small minded individual replied: “u always were a woofter.”


To which Danny replied: “Piece of advice…if you wanna get all homophobic on me..probably best not to go for the George Micheal [sic] look.”

But of course, because it’s Twitter, the back and forth continued:

It was recently announced that Danny’s on-screen son [Johnny Carter] would be returning to the square, played by Ted Reilly. The character Jonny left the show after being caught up in an affair with Italian hunk Gianluca Cavallo.

In-between replying to negative comments, Danny treated us to a picture of his new shoes…

Yes Danny Dyer. Just yes.

All T all shade