Come through solidarity! 

French retail giant Carrefour has removed their new ad campaign from Polish state television, Telewizja Polska S.A. 

The move comes in light of Poland’s anti-lgbtq+ views. 

The company took to Twitter to announce the decision after users brought the issue of anti-lgbtq+ behavior from TVP to light.

In one instance they used a quote that referred to the LGBTQ+ community as a “rainbow plague”. 

“Hello, these contents do not reflect our values. Following your report, we have stopped the current campaign.” the company stated. 

The decision has ruffled the feathers of Samuel Pereira, the head of Telewizja Polska, who has claimed there “has never been a “rainbow plague” column.” 

 The Polish branch of Carrefour’s also released a statement regarding the situation stating. “Both the position of Carrefour Polska and Carrefour Group in France are convergent.”

“We made the decision not to post our ads on content that does not reflect the values of tolerance, respect for other people, or respect for diversity.

“Carrefour Polska is a company that adheres to the highest standards in respect of the diversity of its customers, employees, and business partners.” 

In recent years, the Polish government has targeted sexual minorities and supported organisations that spread homophobia.

The country’s ruling Law and Justice Party have inspired several towns in Poland to declare themselves an “LGBT-free zone” free from “LGBT ideology,” putting vulnerable LGBTQ+ citizens at risk of discrimination, prejudice, and violence.

The Polish government’s stance on the LGBTQ+ community has been met with pushback from over 50 countries and the European Union. 

It was recently announced that the EU would be instilling new measures to defend the LGBTQ+ community with a protection strategy.

The new strategy would span over the next five years and focus on “tackling discrimination; ensuring safety; building inclusive societies, and leading the call for LGBTIQ equality around the world.”

“Equality and non-discrimination are core values and fundamental rights in the European Union,” says Commissioner for Equality, Helena Dalli.