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SHUSHU/TONG the Shanghai based brand was established by Liushu Lei and Yutong Jiang in 2015.

Sticking to a romantic and hyper feminine aesthetic, the brand dares their wearer to revel in delicious pastels and striking silhouettes. Whether it’s dresses that look like confectionary treats, or pieces that are interjected with subverted motifs, the brand invites you to make an opulent statement no matter th occasion.

We sat down with the design duo to probe their creative brains on the inspirations and muses that helped shape their Spring/Summer 2022 collection.

What were some of the inspirations behind the new collection?
Our main inspiration was the mango comic book series, Aim For The Ace. We wanted to deliver a happy, sexy, sporty collection. It follows the story of a young girl in high school who is training, and eventually, becomes a professional tennis player and the struggles that she experiences.

What keeps you inspired when creating and designing?
The main thing that really helps me focus on the work is music. Whether it is in the background when I am sketching, fitting or just brainstorming with my team, there is always music on as it really helps me focus.

Is menswear something you want to explore?
For now I want to focus on womenswear, the brand has really grown in the last few years and I want to continue to elevate the brand as it is now. Maybe this will be something we explore in the future and never say never, however for now we are continuing to focus on womenswear.

Who is the Shu/Shu Tong muse?
Our main muses are Chloe Sevigny and Tina Chow. We always admired Tina’s fashion sense and we love everything about Chloe.

What is your standout piece from the collection?
For me, the stand out piece is an asymmetrical dress with a bow on the waist, the asymmetric hem makes it look like the skirt is blowing in the wind. Throughout the collection there are also a few different asymmetric skirts which feature in multiple colour ways throughout the collection.

Have you experienced any difficulties in making this collection as a result of COVID?
The last two seasons we experienced more difficulties as COVID was so new then, however as it has now been a year and a half and multiple seasons we are adapting to the changes. This season the fabric took much longer to deliver, we are finding a way to manage this for the coming months and for production.

For more information on SHUSHU/TONG, visit their website.