Instagram:@rowanblanchard and @auliicravalho
Instagram: @rowanblanchard and @auliicravalho

Auli’i Cravalho supports claims of Rowan Blanchard’s alleged biphobic behaviour in a now-deleted viral TikTok video.

A TikTok video, featuring Cravalho, has gained traction online for its calling out of former Girl Meets World actress. Blanchard has faced accusations of biphobia after liking several tweets online in 2019.

Following the event, American star faced calls to be cancelled online and the star issued a statement online addressing both the comments and her own social media interactions.

However, claims of Blanchard’s attitudes towards the bisexual community have resurfaced after her new co-star, Auli’i Cravalho, appeared on TikTok stitching a video that reminded audiences of Blanchard’s alleged biphobia.

While the original TikTok has since been removed from the social media platform, the video has appeared elsewhere. A user posted the video, featuring Cravalho, on TikTok under the caption “Rowan Blanchard being called out for being biphobic by her own costar”.

The video shows Cravalho agreeing to another video featuring a content creator celebrating the news of a new untitled queer rom-com expected to both the Moana actress and Blanchard.

Beneath the video, Cravalho replied to the fan: “She’s still biphobic but this movie is going to be so cute and queer!”.

A online user quoted the tweet responding to the situation

”Just found out Auli’i herself is bisexual and the film is in post production rowan is going to hell for whatever she put her through on set ik it must’ve been invalidating.”

Both actresses are expected to feature in an untitled coming-of-age movie is set to follow Paige, an aspiring young artist, who joins her high school track team.

After initially joining to woo a long time crush, she soon starts to fall for an unexpected teammate and finds out what true love is all about.

According to a report from Variety, Blanchard will be playing Paige in the film, while Cravalho will be portraying the evasive track star AJ, who is constantly living in the shadow of her twin sister.

The movie does not yet have a release date and is expected to be available on the streaming platform Hulu.

In light of the resurfaced claims, Blanchard’s apology has also been revisited.

In 2019, the actress posted her apology on Twitter to address the backlash she was facing.

“I’m queer as fuck! My boyfriend’s a trans man and honestly none of [you] guys know shit about my private life!” she tweeted.

“I liked some tweets that were specific to a tweet between a community of writers whose tweets I find typically funny and interesting and hilariously cynical.”

The allegations of Blanchard’s biphobia does not bode well, especially as fans found posts of her former boyfriend, Frank Ayzenberg.

According to fan links and screenshot, the model posted a questionable take on sexuality in 2018.

“Bisexuality infers a gender binary that doesn’t exist,” Ayzenberg allegedly wrote online. “It’s an outdated term and frankly should be removed from the LGBTQIA+ acronym. Bisexualty often doesn’t include trans poeple and nonbinary people. There is only queer. There is only love.”

The post was condemned by users online for its understanding of gender and sexuality.

While Blanchard’s former boyfriend has no directly relation to Auli’i’s post, the wider context of the Snowpiercer star’s comments have begun to be relayed across the internet.

Blanchard has not currently issued a statement or response to her co-star’s comments, however Auli’i’s original TikTok has been removed.

After the casting news went public, Cravalho took to Instagram to express her excitement, stating “Frick yeah baby!” alongside a rainbow emoji.

Kristen King, who co-wrote the film with Casey Rackham, also took to social media to welcome the two actresses to the project.

“Written, directed, and starring queer people. We love to see it. Stoked to see these two bring our film to life,” she exclaimed.

Unlike many LGBTQ+ films that revolve around the ups and downs of coming out, the film has been penned as a “fresh take” on LGBTQ+ stories.

“It’s exciting to be making a movie that’s full of queer characters where the story isn’t about coming out,” Cohen explained. “I love a coming out story, I have one myself. But this is a new kind of comedy and a fresh take on how we tell stories about queer kids in high school. I needed this movie as a kid. It means so much to me to be making it now.”

Natasha Lyonne and Maya Rudolph and their company Animal Pictures are set to produce the queer romantic comedy.