Studio Ghibli has long held its own against its bigger-budgeted, gaudier American animated rivals.

But with When Marnie Was There marking the conclusion (for now) of the studio’s output, it’s a fitting time to reflect on their most bewitching scenes to date. Brace yourselves, feels are coming…

01. Grave of the Fireflies

The movie’s brother and sister duo are resigned to a gloomy fate from the opening scene. So it’s a wondrous moment when they bond, giggling, over nighttime fireflies in the garden.

02. Spirited Away

Chihiro’s not happy about her family moving to a new area. Exploring, she discovers the local market holds an array of surprises – notably a host of eerie, ghostly locals floating their way through the day. A startling but entrancing introduction to the adventure to come.

04. Princess Mononoke

When the forest spirit visits a wounded Ashitaka, the scene transforms into a silent but stunningly beautiful trip full of arresting imagery.

05. Howl’s Moving Castle

The epitome of atmospheric, the first appearance of the titular giant steampunk castle is a breathtaking, serene example of Ghibli art and design.