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One of the youngest competitors of the first season of Drag Race España, Sagittaria has proven that her lack of experience hasn’t stopped her from standing out. Indeed, being so young might be the reason she got so far in the competition. Because of that, she found it easier to adapt to the various challenges and as a result, enchanted the judges with her fresh approach to drag. 

Sagittaria has been hailed as the “body queen” of the season. In the first design maxi-challenge, she presented a crafty look that emulates a constellation (even though she can’t sew). The star also surprised the judges in the Snatch Game with her impeccable comedic timing, impersonating a very popular meme in Spain.  

Today (25 July), we’ll find out who will be crowned the first Spanish Drag Superstar. According to social media, her evolution in the show and sickening aesthetic could bring her the crown.  

Hello Sagittaria, how are you?
Hi, I’m very good!

Although your start in the show was somehow discreet,  you won the improv challenge and you surprised everyone with your the Snatch Game. Were you aware that you were such a good comedian?
In the comedy challenges I have surprised even myself! I saw that the judges were liking what I was doing but I really didn’t know if I was doing it right or not.

You are one of the youngest contestants of the season which, in my opinion, made a lot of people underestimate you. Were you intimidated by being so young?
I was not intimidated. There were things in which I did not have as much experience as some of my colleagues. For example, I had never done micro – speaking in front of the public – while there were people who had already done it working at nightclubs.

Out of all your incredible looks this season, which is your favourite?
My favourite look is one that hasn’t come out yet – the look I’ll wear in the final. I also really like my entrance look and the one inspired by the “Crema Catalana” for My Roots Runway.

I’d like you to tell us more about your My Roots Runway look. Was it your first and only option from the beginning? It turned out to be a simple, clear and objective idea, executed to perfection.
My idea at the beginning was to make a half-bikini and half-flamenco outfit because my parents are from Cádiz. My roommate said, ‘Though you have Andalusian roots, you really are Catalan.’ In the end we decided to make a look inspired by the “Crema Catalana”. Once decided, I began to think about how to bring this concept to fashion and to my own style. One day I started to draw it and thought, ‘What if the plate was the shoulder, and the cream drips off of it?’ My designer was not convinced by the idea, but when I showed him the design he said, ‘Okay, let’s do it, it’s very cool!’

Are there any looks where the end result wasn’t how you envisioned?
There is none that I have not liked, although due to the lack of time there are looks that I did not get to finish. For example, the one for Veneno’s Runway. I wanted the robes to be longer, both the white one and the one with the rose pattern. However, due to lack of time it was not possible. Then I also had to finish the Spanish Art Runway look on the show because I didn’t have time to finish it at home.

Did you have a plan or strategy when you arrived at the werkroom?
I knew that if I had to lip-sync, I would be one of those that would not be sent away easily. Here in Spain, I’m known as one of the best lip syncers. Not dancing though, because I’m not a dancer, but I defend myself and do things that many people cannot do. I’m very flexible!

Are you surprised to have reached the final?
Yes. However, I was watching my evolution on the show and I saw myself in the final. I saw how the competition was progressing and that I could reach the final. I had my doubts there, I looked at my companions, and it kind of scared me to be eliminated halfway through the competition. But in the end I was quite surprised to have reached the final, because there were 10 of us and only three made it to the final.

Who is Sagittaria inspired by?
I’ve always had the 50s as a reference. I love the hairstyles of the 50s and the fashion of the 60s. I love this aesthetic because it has some retro and vintage traits. In fashion, I like some groundbreaking designers and also some that are more classic. Mainly, I’m inspired by different periods of time. I love mixing the aesthetics of the 50s and 60s with contemporary drag. My references in pop are Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue and Madonna. I also like contemporary fashion designers like Mugler and Versace.

Have you noticed any evolution in your drag after your passage through the show?
Yes, I have improved. As for aesthetics, I’m much more confident now. I know what favours me and what I don’t want in my drag. I have tried new makeup styles and I know what suits me best. I have also learned to put on makeup much faster. With the pressure in the competition, you have to be ready in little time!

I assume you are a fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Do you think this was an advantage or disadvantage for you in the competition?
There are no advantages. In the roast, it was very hard for me because there have been so many roasts in the history of the show and I had to be careful not to repeat things that had already been said.

What plans do you have for the future?
We have the tour ahead [Gran Hotel de las Reinas] so I think we’re going to be pretty busy these days. Once it’s over, I have no idea. There is some uncertainty, I have some gigs in Madrid and Barcelona but the clubs keep closing. The idea is to continue performing but on platforms that are not so big, in more compact places like theatres, for example.

Thank you very much for talking to us and good luck in the final!
Thank you very much and a big kiss!

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