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“I’m a proud they/them,” G Flip says, seated in their signature skater boi slouch. It’s a warm Wednesday afternoon in St Kilda, Melbourne and we’re sitting on the rooftop of the grand Victorian Pride Centre, a shiny new hub for Australian LGBTQIA+ communities – a place where G Flip, born Georgia Flipo, regularly volunteers. Lounging in sunlight, the moment marks one of the few breaks the 30-year-old has had on their packed-out touring schedule: screaming fans, sold-out dates, and killer drum solos. 

Opposite the sweeping beachside view, the musician reflects on how much things have changed. “Before this all took off, I was teaching music to kids, DJing, playing at weddings and touring with bands,” they say, behind grey-tinted sunglasses. “Music is all I know. It’s all I can and want to do.” Now, with over a million Spotify listeners and a slew of global shows on the cards, their profile has never been bigger – yet they remain nonchalant, a quirk that carries across their work. 

This characteristic coolness filters into G’s music, where thumping drum patterns and fast-paced pop-inspired hooks characterise their diaristic tunes. It’s also present in the androgynous personal style which has made them a heartthrob to many in the queer community. Today, they’re relaxing in their familiar G-core style; a burnt-copper corduroy cap, a thick Cuban link chain and a baggy white tee. But while the musician’s easy-going nature is part of their appeal, the past twelve months have been anything but laid back. Not only did they release their sophomore studio album, Drummer, but they took home two prestigious ARIA Awards – Best Video and Best Australian Live Act – and married their partner Chrishell Strause. As for what’s next? “Nothing is off-limits”. 

On the rooftop, G shares aspirations of wanting to be a non-binary role figurehead, someone LGBTQIA+ people can look to and learn from. So, it’s fitting that we’re chatting in the St. Kilda suburb – the first spot G performed as a newbie musician over a decade ago, a place they call home. Nowadays, however, the drummer splits their time between Australia and LA settling overseas with their wife. It’s a queer happy ending which has been a long time coming. “I always had queer thoughts growing up, but I was fighting it. I would tell myself ‘you’re not a lesbian’ – I was, in fact, a lesbian,” they laugh. The moment of queer clarity came after watching the music video for The Pussycat Dolls’ ‘Don’t Cha’: “I watched the music video and saw Nicole Scherzinger and was like ‘oh yeah, I am a lesbian.” 

Music has always been an escape for G. “I was closeted through all of school. I hid behind my drum kit, and the music, so no one would clock me,” they say. G began drumming at the age of nine and would scan the TV screen looking for someone who was like them. But understanding their gender came at a later age. “Around five years ago, I heard the word non-binary, looked into what it meant and, straightaway, I was like, holy shit, I’ve been non-binary my whole fucking life!” they enthuse. As they explain, gender euphoria allowed G to fully step into what they call the “in-between” and exist as their truest self. “Coming out as non-binary in 2021 really helped me understand myself and all the questions and weird thoughts I had growing up,” they explain. “I wish there were more people that were out as queer non-binary when I was younger because it would have helped me quiet those darker thoughts.”

Coming out as non-binary in 2021 really helped me understand myself and all the questions and weird thoughts I had growing up

Following their time at high school in 2011, G began working towards a music degree, studying drums, and taking up touring. As their creativity took hold, the musician began writing songs in their bedroom, uploading recordings to the Australian music discovery radio station Triple J Unearthed. By 2018, their debut single ‘About You’ spiked on Soundcloud and began setting the foundations of their mega-online fandom. Later that year, G released their 2019 freshman album About Us. Since then, the musician has collaborated with alt-pop singer-songwriter Lauren Sanderson on ‘GAY 4 YOU’ while their solo tracks – ‘Be Your Man’ and ‘The Worst Person Alive’ – have pulled in over 14 million streams. 

Their new album, Drummer, marks a major milestone in terms of their artistry – slicker and more cohesive, but retaining the forthright nature of their DIY beginnings. The body of work also represents an opportunity for them to confront their past traumas head-on. Standout track ‘Kevin’, for example, squares up to homophobes and online slander – something G has had to face throughout their rise to prominence. “I’ve had to have pretty thick skin when it comes to trolls who say shit about my gender identity online,” they say. “I don’t mind being a voice and role model for the queer and non-binary community because I can take the heat those uneducated people throw at me. I can take it, and in return, I do my best to try to open people’s minds.” 

There’s light in the dark, too, especially when G opens up about the emotional intricacies of their relationship. Case-in-point is fan favourite ‘Be Your Man’, where the musician sings about the healing power of queer love and the sexual and emotional fulfilment it can offer. For the sake of queer joy, I ask G to give me a play-by-play of how the relationship which inspired this song – their marriage to realtor and Selling Sunset fave Stause – came to be, and they don’t disappoint. For those looking for love, take note: you don’t have to be an LA socialite; sliding into someone’s DMs still works. 

The pair initially met, in 2021, backstage at a show G was playing in LA. Fast forward to five months down the line, Stause and G reconnected on Instagram. “It was summer and I posted a bit of a thirst trap on my IG story where I had my rig [Aussie slang for body] out. Chrishell slid into my DMs with a flame emoji and it was on,” they recap. “I asked her to hang out and she invited me to a party at her place in LA so I could ‘meet some people’ because I was still new in the city.” Quickly, what started as an online flirtation spilt into IRL fireworks. “I rocked up alone and Chrishell had been stood up by some guy that night, and thank God she was,” they recall. “We ended up flirting and had a cheeky make out in the pantry up against the dog treats and protein bars – now, she’s my wife!” 


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The couple’s hard launch had the queer community shook. Following Stause’s heart-warming announcement of their relationship on the reunion episode of the fifth season of Selling Sunset, the pair amped things up in the steamy music video for G Flip’s ‘GET ME OUTTA HERE’. Now, almost a year later, the duo have become queer royalty – not least due to their ability to keep LGBTQIA+ fans fed. Following their one-year anniversary, Stause posted a video montage of memorable moments which ended with a shot of the couple kissing at the altar – breaking the news that she and G had eloped and wedded Vegas-style in May of 2023. The pair have been inseparable since October 2021 and become queer fan-favourites. “She’s my best friend, my person,” G reflects. “I adore that woman with all my heart and I just want her with me all the time. I’m so excited for our future together.”

I adore that woman with all my heart and I just want her with me all the time. I’m so excited for our future together

With everything on track for G, the musician is looking to spread queer joy and inspire others. “I want to provide a support system for up-and-coming artists because you can get really lost in this industry,” they explain. Having spent time teaching, mentoring and volunteering with queer youth, the musician is keen to pave the way for further queer musicians. From performing at local pubs in Melbourne as a 20-something to selling out London’s KOKO three nights in a row, a lot has changed. As for advice to aspiring LGBTQIA+ artists, they say: “Keep practising! No dream is too far out of reach. Everything in this world is possible.” 

With an upcoming US tour and newly announced headliner shows in the UK this coming September – following their triple dates at KOKO  – for next autumn, the musician is pushing their music and brand to a new level. For now, all eyes are on G. While they’ve hinted at another album, their 2024 ambitions lie beyond music and strive to lead by example to their younger self: “I want to be the non-binary role model I never had.”

G Flip’s new album Drummer is out now and available on all streaming platforms.