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Venice Bar at Saint Theo’s

Saint Theo’s, a restaurant in the West Village that transports you to the sunny Italian coast with its breezy, vibrant bar design that combines an eclectic mix of vintage and modern design features including colourful Murano glass sconces and Venice Biennale exhibition posters.

Visit the Venice Bar tucked away in the corner of Saint Theo’s for perfect light bites and cocktails in the Village. We love Saint Theo’s for an early evening date night or a quick meet with clients. The staff are some of the friendliest you will find in the area served with perfected drinks and delicious bar bites and snacks.

Saint Theo’s continues to be a classic hotspot in New York City and one of our favourites.

DREAM Downtown

DREAM Downtown has always had (and still has) a significant pull amongst younger New Yorkers and tourists alike – this stylish, modern hotel with its signature round windows provides some incredible views over midtown Meatpacking and Chelsea.

It always has a buzzy feel about it, not least because of the PHD nightclub which is an infamous hotspot for young partygoers. If you’re looking for a chilled out and relaxed retreat the hotel still provides a fantastic space to wind down after hitting the New York streets.

One of our favourite things about DREAM Downtown are their room sizes which average significantly above an average smaller NY room giving more than enough space to relax and spread out during your stay. DREAM has a more rare resort feel with multiple restaurants and bars on site which caters towards all tastes and price points.

Our favourite thing is grabbing a coffee in the lobby cafe on our way out to work each morning. New York City doesn’t sleep, but it definitely dreams. 

GT would recommend the DREAM Downtown for young queer partygoers who want a fun time in NY.


Mister Paradise

MP (as the cool people call it), is a trendy bar in the up and coming Bary district of Manhattan. We definitely felt like the least cool people there (maybe calling it MP isn’t so cool?) but in the best way possible.

For a bar to be completely full at 2pm on a Saturday afternoon, you know they are absolutely doing something right.

The first thing that caught our eye was a cocktail named the ‘Nomad London’ which as Londoners made our ears prick, this deliciously crafted mocktail pays homage to the hotel with its name of which many of the bar staff are former employees. It’s one of their many interesting concoctions, not to mention the incredible food which deserves to be called much more than bar snacks.

GT recommends Mister Paradise for a fun mid afternoon date and for those looking for a lively scene, young feel and an exceptional bar team.