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Images courtesy of Christian Horan

Luxurious lodgings, exquisite food, service that knows what you want before you do. You name it – The Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla has it… and then some.

From the moment of our arrival until the day of our reluctant departure, this shining resort on the Caribbean sea surpasses expectations and manages to successfully showcase the numerous sides of island life; whether it be relaxation, music, great food and drink and making new friends.

Grab a Rum Punch because you’ll be maxing out your credit card to make reservations after reading this 5-star review from GAY TIMES.

First: The Arrival

Flying into the nearby island St. Maarten feels a little more like flying into Ibiza. The island, renowned for its party atmosphere and young nightlife, attracts Europeans and Americans alike to its shores. On leaving the airport, you immediately notice most of your fellow passengers exit to coaches to nearby resorts.

Not you, however. For guests of The Four Seasons, you’re ushered into a blacked out SUV to take the short (and we mean, very short) journey to the local harbour. You may have flown into St. Maarten but you’re going to the much more sleepy and seducing island of Anguilla.

A few stamps of your passport later and you’re whisked onto a semi-private speed-boat, seating only about eight passengers. Rum Punches are passed around and you are off Anguilla. 

This arrival experience becomes the perfect tapering off from the more energetic atmosphere of the plane, slowly winding down on your journey to the neighbouring island. 

By the time you arrive in Anguilla, the lights are lower, the music is quieter and you already know you’ll be leaving in a week’s time a revived person.

Second: Surroundings and atmosphere 

The stunning architectural design of The Four Seasons seamlessly blends the natural splendour of Anguilla with modern amenities and design aesthetics. 

This Resort is, in a word, huge. However, the design team have done a remarkable job at making it feel all the while intimate and approachable. Moreover, with a surprisingly low guest-room count, ‘huge’ resort doesn’t mean a huge number of guests enjoying the same vacation. 

The entire property is split into a Residences side and Hotel side. On the Hotel side, a number of low rise accommodation towers are connected by flowing stone walkways and luscious green lawns.  Between the accommodations are the main buildings that house the restaurants, multiple pool areas and other amenities. 

Whatever you want to do (really, we mean it) the Resort most likely has it. Rock-climbing walls, tennis courts, sailing boats…there really isn’t something they haven’t thought of. 

On our stay, we found the adults only pool the most enjoyable place to sit, with a few noticeably relaxed LGBTQ+ couples also around the water each day we chatted with. 

Our most amusing discovery was Del, the mixologist, making incredible afternoon cocktails each day. The difference? He’s in the pool with you with his inflatable bar. Although it might sound a little kitsch, the Resort’s ability to have some fun in and amongst the luxurious surroundings was a very welcome difference to the many ultra-luxury resorts that can sometimes feel a little inhumane. 

Third: The Rooms

The accommodations at The Four Seasons Anguilla are truly exquisite. The suites are clearly characterised by spaciousness – this isn’t a city hotel so square-footage is aplenty. 

Our one-bedroom suite had a living area larger than most hotel rooms alone. The bathrooms are particularly generous with twin sinks, mirrors and amenities, as well as an oversized bath-tub and shower and separate restroom. Balconies are featured in every room type affording panoramic views of the crystal-clear waters of Meads Bay.

Four Seasons Dining

A real highlight of our stay was the exceptional culinary experience within the confines of the resort. The Four Seasons Anguilla boasts a repertoire of culinary options, each presenting a distinctive menu. Whether savouring the succulent seafood at SALT or indulging in the aromatic Caribbean dishes at Bamboo, every meal was a celebration of the island’s vibrant flavours. The service was exemplary, with attentive staff members ever-ready to offer recommendations on the perfect wine pairing or to cater to any dietary preferences. 

One differentiator between great and exceptional when it comes to luxury dining and drinking are the staff. Hats off to the Resort management because they have some of the best in the business here. Juju, the bar supervisor, Trevel serving cocktails, Tweedy and Petra at breakfast – each of them made such an impression on both us and our stay, we’d go back just to catch-up with them over a margarita alone. 

Each of them recalled detailed knowledge of our needs and wants with each interaction, remembering our favourite place to sit, what we preferred to drink and our unforgiving list of dietary requirements. It’s this difference that helps you switch so much more easily into relaxation mode when choosing a Resort destination.

Five – A Taste of Anguilla

Guests looking for an even better culinary experience can partake in the Resorts new culinary experience curated by Executive Chef Emmanuel Calderon

The new offering is exclusively available to Resort guests and provides an inside look at how the island’s most abundant natural resource, salt, is harvested, where the salt is harvested from, and the many ways salt is used in traditional Caribbean cuisine.

Forget any pre-disposed assumptions on this experience because it was one of the most well balanced educational and exciting expeditions we’ve done. Why? The local community. They really care deeply about their island and culture and that passion is infectious. Who knew harvesting salt could be so fun, it truly is!

We took a visit to a local producer too where we sampled fresh produce and learnt about the sustainable sourcing of the hotel across the island.

Executive Chef Emmanuel Calderon told us he was keen to “keep dishes simple and let the ingredients do the talking” after guests brought back salt for their afternoon dining experiences. Talk the ingredients do, with incredible flavours across a wide range of classic and more innovative dishes. 

Sixth and final – GT’S POV

This is a luxury escape destination without a doubt. If you’re in the mood for tranquillity, luxury, and curated experiences, this is the place for you. 

We recommend The Four Seasons Resort and Residences Anguilla for coupled-up guests wanting to get away from it all in the very best of the Caribbean seas.

Practical Information 

We flew from New York City to St. Maarten and onto Anguilla via boat transfer. 

American Airlines now flies twice-daily direct flights from Miami, with connections into London with British Airways. 

The Resort is offering a Discover Anguilla promotion where guests can enjoy a complimentary fifth night including daily breakfast. Book now through December 15, 2023, and experience the ultimate Caribbean vacation.

Guests with younger family members can enjoy the Inter Soccer Academy Camp this Summer at the Soccer Field in Anguilla. Find out more information here.

To discover Anguilla, find the best rates with Four Seasons here.