Drag Race UK was a starstudded episode this week, with the finalists decided at the end.

Spoilers Ahead

The maxi challenge this week was a roast, with the eliminated queens returning to be the audience and be targets of the remaining queens’ gags.

Black Peppa was dismayed at the prospect of another comedy challenge – a field she’s found difficult so far in the competition.

However, her fans were still obsessed with her politician outfit and tenacity in continuing the challenge despite her nerves and a lukewarm response to her gags.

Guest judge Olly Alexander agreed, saying he felt “immediately on her side”.

Cheddar Gorgeous, normally a talented comedian, struggled with the challenge, with Ru telling them that their style was too intelligent for the setting.

Cheddar went last in the challenge, despite their request to go earlier in the line up.

Some fans agreed that this made Cheddar’s task a lot harder, but other’s doubted it would have made a difference.

Danny Beard lived up to their hilarious reputation and was an immediate fan favourite:


Jonbers Blonde was a surprise stand out, taking on the persona of a drunk politician.

The runway theme this week was ‘Pretty in Punk’, and all the queens understood the assignment.


In the lip sync, Black Peppa returned to the bottom and was accompanied for the first time by Pixie Polite.

As she’s shown time and again, Black Peppa was again giving it her all.

Pixie unfortunately sashayed away from the competition, to mixed reviews:


Now it’s only the final left before we see who is crowned Drag Race UK’s next biggest superstar, and and fans are already sharing who they support for the win:

The Drag Race UK Grand Finale airs on BBC 3 at 9pm, 24 November.