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Sources in order from top to bottom, left to right.

[Blue] LGBT Capital, 2019 analysis using Global and National Household Wealth estimates from the Credit Suisse Research Institute publications “Global Wealth Report 2019” and “Global Wealth Databook 2019”. LGBT estimates from LGBT Capital.

[Green] Forbes, 2022 – Prepping For Pride 2022 & Beyond: Engaging A Booming LGBTQ+ Consumer Landscape

[Orange] GAY TIMES primary research carried out in March 2022 via IG. Stat sample size of 4,362. Also not shown; Mental Health sample size 7,557. Fitness sample size 19,586. Travel sample size 11,129. News sample size 22,642

[Red] GT Partners are all publicly visible via campaigns on and any @GAYTIMES social platform

[No. 1 Brand] FB, IG, Twitter and TikTok. GAY TIMES is the most followed account of any LGBTQ+ media company/brand as of 05MAY22.

[Brand of the Year] The Drum Online Media Awards – GAY TIMES won of ‘Brand of the year’ in May 2022.

[Brand of the Year] British Media Awards (Campaign Magazine) – GAY TIMES won of ‘Brand of the year’ in May 2022.

[$100M] Proportional revenue from GT One Model (excel) – available on request.