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After two scandalous seasons, Young Royals is set to return for a third (and sadly, final) season. Wilmon stans: UNITE!

Following the forbidden romance between the fictional Prince Wilhelm of Sweden (Edvin Ryding) and his boarding school lover Simon Erikkson (Omar Rudberg), the teen drama has become one of the streamer’s most championed and acclaimed series; cracking the top 10 of various English-language countries around the world and catapulting its stars to global prominence. (Ryding and Rudberg have a combined Instagram following of four million.)

While we wait for more official news about the return of Wilmon and the students at Hillerska, we’ve compiled a list of everything we know (so far) about the highly-anticipated third season, from potential plot points to returning cast members.

When will it be released?

The first five episodes will drop 11 March, with the series finale airing a week later on 18 March.

What is the plot?

Season three is set to focus on the aftermath of Wilhelm publicly admitting to the press that it was him in the leaked video with Simon.

This was moments after Simon finally – we repeat, finally – confessed his love and told him that he wants to be with him, in secret or not. The! Tears! Were! Flowing! Wilmon endgame, here we come.

If we had to predict, there will be no divide between Wilmon in season three (fingers crossed). Instead, it will tackle how the Swedish public reacts to their future King of Sweden being a member of the limp wrist community. Will he embrace the out-dated traditional values that are required to be the king – aka homophobia – or will he fob it off to be with his true love?

The official synopsis for season three reads: “Wilhelm’s speech has consequences not only in the court but also throughout the school, as Hillerska confronts the worst crisis in the school’s history.

“The prince and Simon are determined to be together, but what are they willing to sacrifice when realising that their freedom and love might be at odds with the Royal ideals, traditions and responsibilities?”

There was a bit of drama with the other characters, too, with Sara revealing her secret romance with August, infuriating her brother and friend Felice (Nikita Uggla) in the process. Sara subsequently left Hillerska and turned the sex-tape leaker in to the authorities – will Wilmon finally be avenged? We don’t know. The season is not out yet. We’ll update you when we can!

Who is returning from the first two seasons?

The central cast are all returning, so Edvin Ryding as Prince Wilhelm, Omar Rudberg as Simon Eriksson, Malte Gårdinger as August Horn of Årnäs, Frida Argento as Sara Eriksson and Nikita Uggla.

Supporting players that are presumably – we repeat, presumably – returning include: Pernilla August as Queen Kristina of Sweden, Carmen Gloria Pérez as Linda, Inti Zamora Sobrado as Ayub, Beri Gerwise as Rosh, Ingela Olsson as Miss Annnette Lilja, Felicia Truedsson as Stella, Mimmi Cyon as Fredrika, Nathalie Varli as Madison McCoy, Samuel Astor as Nils, Xiao-Long Rathje Zhao as Alexander, Fabion Penje as Henry and Nils Wetterholm as Vincent.

Will there be a season four?

Sadly, Young Royals will come to an end with season three.

In December 2022, head writer and co-creator Lisa Ambjörn said she’s “always imagined” the teen drama would be “told in three parts, and because of the fans’ dedication to our story, we get to tell the last one.” Ambjörn continued to explain that the ending of Young Royals has been “clear to me from the start” and that she’s “thankful and honoured” to finish the series as she originally intended.”

With several LGBTQ+ shows being abruptly cancelled over the past year, from Warrior Nun to Queer as Folk and Half Bad: The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself, at least Young Royals is going out on its own terms.