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The glittering and vibrant festivities of EuroPride will soon flood the streets of Malta from 7 September. Ahead of the big event, we were lucky enough to visit and explore the gorgeous sights, history and experiences the warm country has to offer. Whether you are coming to party, to learn or to reach optimum relaxation, there is something for everyone during this year’s EuroPride and beyond. 


We should really start with the wonderful city of Valletta, after all it’s where most of the fun will unfold at this year’s EuroPride. The city opens up to you with the wondrous and colossal site of the Triton Fountain. The bronzed Tritons spray a refreshing mist upon the traveler as the city’s architecture and rich history awaits.

Take a guided walk, and you will soon strut past a host of LGBTQ+ bars and venues, rooted in the same spot where queer sailors from bygone eras would come and express their sexuality freely. You can still enjoy a drag show, and sip a fruity cocktail on the city steps just like they did decades ago.

The city offers a host of museums and galleries exploding with renaissance art and artifacts to gaze upon. Though a simple stroll through the city streets is enough to transport you back in time, as every step and corner reveals historical treasures and wonder.

Valletta has it all, sights, sun and sea. Its beauty is enough to make you never want to leave. Whilst every step is enriched in radiance and history.


Sometimes island life is the most relaxing life. Taking a swift ferry ride from Malta, you can shortly arrive at the quaint island of Gozo. The island is a treasure trove of natural beauty, preserved and presenting breathtaking sights. Take a boat ride into the Blue Lagoon to lay eyes on the most turquoise blue waters, or for the more adventurous take a climb into the caves to unlock the most gorgeous coastal views. We recommend hiring a Tuk Tuk from Yippee Malta. A 2 hour speedy ride will allow you to take in so much of the island’s history and beauty, and once the ride is over, you will undeniably be enamored with the romantic energy the island exudes.

In summary, Malta is a feast for the soul. The country’s energy and loving warmth is enough to restore and re-energise your spirit as the summer of Pride comes to a beautiful close. Yet, Malta’s energy is accessible all year round, so whether you visit with family, friends, lovers or on your own, we highly recommend you visit Malta. You will not be disappointed.

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