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BBC Three has unveiled the contestants competing on the UK’s first-ever same-sex dating series, I Kissed a Boy – and GAY TIMES has the exclusive first look at the cast.

Narrated by Bad Education and Everybody’s Talking About Jamie alum Layton Williams, the series follows 10 singletons who are paired up – “with help from the IKAB Matching team” – and upon first meeting, share a kiss. (Camp!)

“No small talk. No messages. Just one kiss to test out their chemistry straight away. Will it be a polite peck? Or a passionate snog? And ultimately, will that first kiss lead to love?” reads the synopsis.

“I Kissed a Boy is packed with explosive drama, gripping cliffhangers and powerful untold stories – from coming out in a strict religious family, to the pressures of body image in the gay dating scene, to navigating self-acceptance, sex and first same-sex relationships.”

I Kissed a Boy is hosted by Australian pop legend Dannii Minogue, who will play the role of “Cupid”. (Again, camp.)

Speaking with BBC Three, the I Begin to Wonder singer (and gay icon) said of the groundbreaking series: “If you have ever been clubbing, spotted someone you were attracted to like a magnet, kissed, and then got to know them – this is it, but with a little help from me and the I Kissed A Boy love matching team.”

Dannii said she wanted to host the series because she’s “had the privilege” of being involved with the LGBTQ+ community “for many years”: “I am a staunch ally, and in return I have always been welcomed with support that always feels like a huge hug.

“It is an honour to host this show and flex my muscles as fairy godmother/cupid in helping these gorgeous humans in their search for love. When dating fatigue sets in and you are tired of swiping right, or you have not had the opportunity to meet enough potential dates – Mama Minogue is here to help.”

I Kissed a Boy launches 14 May at 9pm on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer. With bios and promos courtesy of BBC Three, meet the (first) 10 contestants below!


Age: 28

From: Edinburgh

“Ben grew up in Edinburgh and has been living in London for the past four years. Describing his personality, Ben says he’s a cross between “the goofiness of Goofy and the grumpiness of Shrek.”

“Ben studied engineering at university. Ben didn’t meet many gay people on his course and because of that he says he didn’t get much of a chance to explore gay culture during his university years. Since moving to London Ben is much happier as he’s been able to make more gay friends and enjoy nights out on the scene. Ben is a confident guy but admits that he’s not great at receiving compliments. He’s a bit of an old school romantic when it comes to dinners out and flowers. ‘People never think that about me but it’s true.’

“Ben has had one serious relationship, which lasted a year. Ben’s been single for six months and says that he’s hopeless when it comes to dating. In the past he’s chased the players but now he wants to find a genuine guy who he can connect with on a deeper level. Ben does not have a particular type. ‘If they can laugh me into bed, I’m in!'”


Age: 23

From: Essex

“Bobski (short for Robert) was born in Poland and he moved to the UK with his mum when he was 7. Settling into school in Essex was hard at first and with knowing little English, Bobski had to learn to fit in quickly. Now he jokes that with his thick accent he’s as Essex as you can get!

“Bobski played semi-professional tennis when he was a teenager. Supported by his mum, Bobski travelled the world playing in competitions. A few years back, Bobski was struggling to balance his studies with the demands of his tennis training and decided to pull back on the tennis to focus on his education. He now plays tennis socially three times a week. Bobski now works as an Airline Manager at Stansted Airport. He manages operations and baggage handling.

“Bobski enjoys party holidays in Mykonos and Ibiza with the lads. He once went to Ibiza four times in one summer. Bobski has been single for a few years now and is genuinely looking to find his Prince Charming. Bobski’s biggest red flag is bad teeth and bad breath. His type is sporty, confident and ideally someone who likes tennis.”


Age: 28

From: Kilkeel, Northern Ireland

“Gareth lives in East London working as a stylist. Gareth adores all things fashion, everything from vintage runway couture to the latest club looks. He loves to get creative and plan extravagant party outfits. 

“Gareth grew up in a small town in Northern Ireland. In a community where family life revolved around religion and traditional roles, Gareth felt like an outsider. As a young boy he used to secretly flick through editions of Vogue dreaming of a different life. Reflecting back, Gareth says that he spent so many years trying to be someone he wasn’t. He came out when he was 24 and then when Gareth moved to London, his life completely changed. He says that he dived straight into the gay scene and embraced everything about it, making up for lost time.

“Now Gareth has a vibrant social life and his closest friends are the people who he met on the London scene. Gareth loves to joke around with his friends and make people laugh. When it comes to dating, Gareth is sick of “toxic” mindsets guys have about masculinity. He’s hoping to meet a fellow free spirit with confidence and queer energy.”


Age: 27

From: Swansea

Jake lives in Swansea and works as a regional trainer within the hospitality industry for a pub group. Jake considers himself a real grafter and is looking for someone who is equally hardworking and ambitious. Jake’s early years were spent growing up in Spain. His family moved to Wales when he was seven years old. 

“Jake has a huge passion for gardening, which he picked up from a very young age. When his grandparents passed away a few years back, he planted a rose bush for his nan and an olive tree for his grandad. Jake loves the outdoors especially kayaking and paddle boarding. Jake says he’s very romantic and that his ideal date would be by the side of a fire pit with a glass of red wine.

“Jake is looking for a life partner who has a shared passion for nature. He is open to all types of guys and is usually attracted to facial hair. Jake would like ‘two children, two dogs and maybe a chicken, too’.”


Age: 23

From: London

“Joseph lives in South London and is currently studying performing arts. His long-term dream is to become an actor and travel the world. Joseph describes himself as a real fashionista. He loves to express himself through his clothes, especially the finishing touches – nails and jewellery.

“Joseph is one of 10 siblings and explains that when he was young his mum had to manage with little money, saying, ‘They were difficult times but character building at the same time’. Joseph’s broader family are very religious and some struggled to accept his sexuality but he’s always had the support of his mum who said straight away she loves him unconditionally, no matter what. Joseph likes to practise self-care: mental, physical and spiritual.

“He says he tries to keep a chilled outlook on the world and tries to stay away from drama. Despite being a hopeless romantic, Joseph has never been in love and would love to find that connection. He’s looking for someone really caring, with great teeth and a great sense of fashion.”


Age: 24

From: Rhyl, North Wales

Josh grew up in a Mormon family and it took a long time for him to come to terms with being gay. Because of this, at 24 Josh is a late bloomer when it comes to his experience. He’s never had a relationship and before the show, had never actually kissed a boy. 

“Josh lives in the small beachside town of Rhyl, North Wales. He’s got amazing friendships locally but jokes that it’s a nightmare when it comes to meeting guys as there’s ‘zero gay scene whatsoever.’ He gets attention on nights out, but this always comes from girls. Josh loves to go out and is known for hitting the dance floor at his local bar. He loves thrillers, sci-fi films and he’s a massive Rihanna fan. Josh is attracted to sporty guys with confident energy. Josh says that for him coming out has been a long time coming so he feels totally ready for I Kissed a Boy.

“He’s really keen to meet more gay guys around his age and learn more about gay culture. Josh jokes that his first ever kiss will ‘probably be rubbish’ but he’s got to start somewhere so says ‘bring it on!’”


Age: 25

From: Brighton

Kailum’s family moved to Brighton from Yorkshire when he was 11. He is very close with his mum and his two sisters. Kailum says that Brighton was the best place to be growing up gay. He came out when he was 14 by posting a video on YouTube using written messages on cards. He’s really grateful that he received amazing support from school and from family at the time. 

“Kailum is a big fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race – so much so that Kailum has been planning his own drag character! He hasn’t had the courage to perform on stage just yet but he is eager to start soon. Kailum absolutely loves going to music festivals and is also an avid gamer who loves his PlayStation. Kailum has been single for six years now and it’s taken him quite a while to fully get over previous relationships and now he feels ready to get back on the dating scene.

“Kailum uses the dating apps but finds it difficult to find people who are looking for something more than just a one night stand. Kailum is really romantic and tactile. He describes himself as a ‘furry cuddly bear’.”


Age: 27

From: Brighton

Ollie is a road worker / tarmacer from Brighton and describes himself as a “gay man in a straight world.” Despite this, Ollie is loud and proud about his sexuality and is grateful to have fantastic relationships with his family and his workmates. Ollie loves Brighton life because it’s an open minded place where everyone can express themselves freely and be who they want to be. 

“Ollie is big into his car racing but also loves to hit the local gay bars for a night out singing along to Whitney. He loves gay culture and embraces it wherever he can. As well as working on the roads, Ollie also runs his own gin and cocktail van that he takes to festivals and he has hopes to build this business in the future.

“Ollie has had a couple of relationships in the past but admits that he’s never actually been in love. Ollie has felt quite judged in the past on the gay dating scene, especially when he was a bigger body shape. He has grown tired of the detached way guys meet through the apps and is looking forward to connecting with guys in person at the Masseria.”


Age: 27

From: Manchester

Ross lives in Manchester and works as a support worker for adults with learning difficulties. He says, ‘My job has its challenges, but it is so rewarding, I absolutely love what I do’. Outside of work, Ross likes to socialise with friends and has a passion for travelling and interior design. In the past Ross has trained in tap dance and has practised cheerleading too. 

“Ross wears his heart on his sleeve and isn’t afraid to voice his opinion. When it comes to friendship he’s hugely loyal. Ross says he tries to keep a positive energy and he looks for that same outlook when dating guys and making new friends. Ross has recently come out of a five year relationship.

“Ross says he’s a passionate person with a lot of love to give saying, ‘I love love’. Ross is looking for someone who is warm, caring but also cheeky. Heading into the experience Ross is really excited and backs himself when it comes to the first kiss saying, ‘I’m a great kisser!’”


Age: 29

From: London

Subomi describes himself as an “athlete, software developer, model and performer.” He lives in West London with his siblings. Subomi enjoys music, going out clubbing and looking after his many houseplants. 

“When Subomi was 6, he moved to Nigeria and lived there with family until he was 16 when he returned to the UK. In Nigeria, Subomi felt different to other boys at school but in a society where homosexuality is illegal, he quickly learnt to suppress his identity to not draw attention to himself.

“Since coming out at 21, Subomi has found his self-confidence and has learnt to acknowledge all sides of his upbringing and the two cultures that formed him. Subomi has enjoyed a lot of success in athletics, particularly winning lots of medals at The Gay Games. He can run the 100m in 10.62 and is an avid tumbler. Subomi has been single for three years. Since feeling ready to date again he finds that a lot of guys don’t match his energy or that they’re not really looking for something committed.”