Indie-pop act Celestial Skies have announced the date their debut album, Songs For Blue Romantics will be released.

The pop act was born out of lockdown, after singer Chris Selman teamed up with several musical friends to bring the effort to life.

“Songs For Blue Romantics is, I guess, my lockdown project,” he explained.

“When the pandemic hit I was stuck at home, on my own, with no creative outlet. I’d written my own songs before, but not for a while – I kinda thought, why not give that another go?”

The album, which will be released on 30 September, includes a new single, Modern Romance, which is about a long-distance relationship.

The song follows a similar theme to the album’s titular track, which is a synth-pop track with a leading drum beat.

The act is fronted by lead singer Chris Selman, who livens up the album’s more mellow tracks, such as Forget Me Not.

Selman discussed the themes that are explored throughout the album.

“It’s ‘blue’ because I guess these songs have a bit of a melancholy edge to them – I don’t think they’re sad songs, but they’re often bittersweet,” he noted.

“I’d say that overall there’s a cautious sense of optimism to the album – these songs recognise that life and love are difficult and complicated and messy beasts, but that there are also opportunities for things to get better.”

Chris has experience performing with the London Gay Men’s Chorus, playing O2 Academy gigs, and BBC Manchester Introducing sessions.

“All these songs were recorded during a three-week period in September 2021,” he said.

“It’s exciting to finally be able to share all the songs after a whole year! I wanted to make sure everything was just right, the artwork, the music videos, the team – I think we’re finally good to go.”

Songs For Blue Romantics is out 30 September.