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It’s more important than ever, as LGBTQIA+ people, to explore our Not-So Frequently Asked Questions about our identities, sexuality, and more.

This year, we partnered with Hinge and asked the GAY TIMES audience about their own NFAQ, such as knowing when to start your first queer relationship and asking whether an individual can be demiromantic and bisexual at the same time. With our partnership in full swing, we are continuing to have open and honest conversations about dating as an LGBTQIA+ person.

With its latest NFAQ, Hinge teamed up with sex educator Ericka Hart (she/they) to offer advice on non-sexual forms of intimacy for asexual people. Ericks shares, “Intimacy never has to be sexual.” Equally as important, intimacy can be “sharing time, space and connection with one other person or group of people.” 

“One that I think is often overlooked is getting to know someone,” said Ericka. “In order to get to know someone on a deeper level, trust is required. Intimacy and trust go hand in hand because if someone does not feel safe enough to share their life, they will not share and intimacy will not be established.”

Continuing to explain that sexual intimacy isn’t a “prerequisite for a meaningful relationship,” Ericka shared some tips for asexual daters to “spark conversation” such a as making a meal together, sharing an activity, going for a walk and cuddling.

Hinge also worked with musician Grant Knoche (he/him) to share tips on when to share with a woman that you’re a man who is bisexual, when it might be assumed that you’re straight. Additionally, artist Bay Davis (she/her) stressed the “prioritization of trans joy and safety/survival” in her NFAQ on matching with someone who identifies as cis and straight.

Singer-songwriter King Princess (she/they) and Hinge’s Love and Connection Expert, Moe Ari Brown, (he/they) respectively opened up about their “ever-changing gender” and being the “most open version of yourself”.

Discussing the need for NFAQ, Moe said in a statement: “For LGBTQIA+ people, our experiences are so unique that the typical answers to dating questions don’t meet our needs. NFAQ is a transformative resource that will support queer daters with creating and maintaining authentic relationships. NFAQ is making the necessary space to not only answer LGBTQIA+ folks’ burning questions but to also cultivate an atmosphere of celebration and inclusivity on Hinge and beyond our app.”

Have a NFAQ? You’re not alone. 80% of LGBTQIA+ daters on Hinge have struggled to find answers to their questions about self-discovery and dating. See what other inspiring community voices have to say at and submit your own.