Digital artist Maxim Zhestkov presents his first solo show, Waves, at W1 Curates immersive exhibition space on 18 August.

It will illuminate every surface of the space to form an interactive experience on both the interior and exterior of the venue.

Newer works will be displayed across the facade’s three floors of bespoke LED screens.

Zhestkov infused his studies of architecture, sculpture, motion graphics, colour, and sound to emphasise the connection between physical and digital reality, or phygital.

W1 Curates is a public art platform located at the heart of London’s iconic Oxford Street and has showcased works from some of the world’s most forward-thinking visual artists, namely Tracey Emin, Kaws, Tyler Mitchell, David LaChapelle, David Bailey, and many others.

It employed state-of-the-art technology on the exterior of the FLANNELS LONDON flagship store to transform it into an ingenious public exhibition of art.

The venue recently added a four hundred square metre immersive gallery space lined with 360 degrees of bespoke LED displays.

Mark Dale, founder of W1 Curates said: “Maxim’s artwork lends itself very well to FLANNELS new innovative phygital basement space, which will house brand new state-of-the-art floor to ceiling digital screens, providing a unique interactive experience for the viewer. It’s an honour to share new work from a true pioneer of digital art who remains so passionate about the potential of virtual worlds.”

FLANNELS has quickly become a multimedia creative space where fashion, art and music intersect.

The concept store and elevated basement space will host W1 Curates as it showcases leading names in the digital art sphere.

The space will act as the phygital playground of the future, with innovation, collaboration and experiential retail at its core.

FLANNELS aims to bring new luxury to everyone.

Maxim Zhestkov garnered international acclaim with work presented at Decentral Art Pavilion Venice (2022), Unit London (2021), Contemporary Istanbul (2021), MIT (2019), Modern Art Museum, Shanghai (2019), and the Hermitage Museum (2019). Maxim’s work has also shown at contemporary art festivals, such as Cosmoscow (2021), ART021 (2020), ArtBasel Miami (2019), and Ars Electronica Festival (2018).

He has collaborated with distinguished brands such as Adidas, IKEA, BMW, Google, Playstation and Adobe.

The London based artist has received various honours, including a Red Dot Award, D&AD, iF Design Award and the ADC Award.

“It is fascinating how structures could be assembled by themselves, following the basic underlying rules of our world. Any material, including living matter, forms using the same set of rules, and I think that this is something that we take for granted, but it is truly astonishing when you think about it,” said Zhestkov in regards to the spectacle.

Waves debuts on 18 August at W1 Curates and FLANNELS LONDON.