Carlota Barrera has presented her sportswear collaboration with New Balance Football at London Fashion Week.

Presenting the Spring Summer ‘22 collection, titled Tie Game, Barrera used the relaxed atmosphere of 1970s football and the brand’s natural magnetism and timeless elegance to meet in common ground.

For the launch at London Fashion Week Carlota Barrera has teamed up with New Balance Football and its clubs AS Roma, LOCS Lille, FC Porto and Athletic Club, whose 21/22 kits are featured throughout the looks of the digital show.

Items such as two-colour knitted polo shirts and t-shirts with messages inspired by homemade Word Art Posters feature in the collection, with shades of green, off-white and black appearing throughout the show.

“As a brand with a very personal perspective, we share our approach (not just formal, but also emotional) to modern sportswear and our vision for how sports can create and nurture communities,” Barrera said. “We have worked together with New Balance to present a new vision of football, aligned with the contemporary values and the changing realities of today.

“We believe that all industries are moving towards a brighter and more inclusive future, and we want to not only be part of the change, but also accelerate it.”

The show was held at a school in East London that was built in 1865 and retains all of its original external features and many internal ones.

With the school as a background, a young football community comes together after some time apart, remembering old times and celebrating friendship, brotherhood and athleticism.

Based in London, Barrera graduated from London College of Fashion with an MA in menswear design in 2017.

She made her debut for Spring Summer ‘19 with her collection titled The Matador and The Fisherman, presenting her contemporary vision of core menswear.