TikTok star Lunden Stallings, alongside new wife Olivia Bennett, has apologised after a series of racist remarks posted to her Twitter resurfaced from almost a decade ago.

The newlyweds are known for their GRWM, OOTD, Day In a Life content and plotting their journey to the altar.

Just days after going viral for her wedding, they took to their co-channel to address multiple re-emerged screenshots of what appeared to be from Lunden’s personal Twitter account, that included racial slurs – dated from 2013.

In response to the backlash, Stallings said she was “completely and utterly disgusted and ashamed” after seeing what she posted at 16.

Stallings added she was “embarrassed at how normal it was for me to speak that way on Twitter and for my friends and I to address each other that way and for me sing along to rap songs, and that’s nobody’s fault but mine”.

“I don’t want people to think that I am just sweeping this under the rug or that it’s something I’m not going to address or don’t want to address because I do want to address it,” she explained in the apology video.

“That’s not who I am, who I was as a teenager.”

The TikToker was joined by her wife, who supported and said: “It’s truly just, like, a really unfortunate and disgusting and ignorant mistake that you made as a teenager.

“You were a kid and you were ignorant and it was wrong and shameful, and it’s so embarrassing,” Bennett assured her in the video. “And I think that’s why you wanted to get rid of them because that’s not a reflection of your character and how I know you and how so many people know you.”

Stallings has stated that she has “grown” over time and “would never ever think about saying those things” again.

@liaseways Lunden from Lunden & Olivia had 100’s of racist tweets resurface and many people called her out, which resulted in her blocking them at first, but there was too much evidence that she felt she needed to apologize. Racisim is racism & this is downright WRONG. Too little, too late ya know? #lundenandolivia #lundentweets #lundenracist ♬ original sound – liaseways