Kim Petras has revealed the only way she can go into a gay club, and it involves hiding her iconic platinum locks.

Since the German singer launched herself onto the music scene in 2017 with her debut single ‘I Don’t Want It All’, she has become one of the LGBTQIA+ community’s most notable stars.

Petras crafted a memorable body of work with her first era, including singles such as ‘Heart to Break’ and ‘Can’t Do Better’, as well as her debut album Feed the Beast. The latter included the Grammy Award-winning anthem ‘Unholy’ (with Sam Smith), which made Petras the first openly trans artist to top the US charts.

The singer has divulged that she may be “very proud of making music that gay clubs love to play,” but she unfortunately cannot enter these spaces “normally anymore”.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she explained how “a night out is with a dark wig on [now]! I can’t go to gay clubs “normally” any more – it becomes photos, photos, photos, which is amazing, but it’s a different thing.”

However, it isn’t in every venue that going incognito is a requirement: “I can go to straight clubs all day! I love old-school nights that embrace music of the past – Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Paula Abdul, Chaka Khan. On tour, I sneak out with my creative director, hairdresser and make-up artist, but I have to hide my blonde hair.”

Although the singer may be concealing her identity in LGBTQIA+ venues, she boldly embraces her own LGBTQIA+ identity: “I’ll never hide that side of myself – it’s important to talk about it – but I’m also an artist who shares other things that interest me and how I see the world.”

Elsewhere in the interview, she discussed the importance of connecting with her fan base on tour: “It honestly is like heaven. I see a lot of myself in my fans, and nothing fills me up more than the energy they give me; it makes me feel like I have a place in the world where people understand me and get exactly what I’m going for with my music. That makes me feel more successful than anything else ever could.”

In a previous conversation with Interview Magazine, Petras shared her support for her LGBTQIA+ fans and creating spaces where people can enjoy themselves and maybe even have sex: “I like the warehouse vibe where people can stand and dance, and I feel like my music is better for that so that it feels more like a party than a stadium, sitting down with your drink and observing.”

After the interviewer compared her concert to wanting to “be touched by a different person all over, the entire time,” the ‘Future Starts Now’ singer responded: “Yes… which is something I’m proud of. There’s definitely gay sex happening, which is lit… In the crowd, and that’s the goal.”