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Sarah Paulson has been caught in the middle of a Twitter storm after shutting down a fan demanding she should add her pronouns to her profile.

Twitter drama kicked off last night and Gay Twitter has been left divided after an online user tweeted the star “Put [your] pronouns in your bio, it’s not that hard.”

Paulson quickly replied to the tweet saying it wasn’t anyone’s job to tell her what to do. The star tweeted back: “It’s also not that hard for you to not tell what to do.”

A few minutes after the post was fired off, online users began rapidly calling for the cancelling of the American Horror Story actress.

Several users argued the refusal to use or include pronouns in a social media profile was transphobic. Some went as far as to suggest the actress may be a terf (trans-exclusionary radical feminist).

One online user tweeted how “disappointed” they were in Paulson and “never thought this day would come”.

As the criticism and comments built up online, some users from Gay Twitter jumped to the defence of that star pointing out Paulson’s history of preferring not to label herself.

Many also had issues with how the user tweeted the star and called it out as “rude” and insensitive – see the Twitter interaction below.

Twitter user Charlie commented on the on-going situation and offered a standpoint from the trans community in a poignant thread.

They wrote: “Trans people do not care that Sarah Paulson doesn’t have pronouns in her bio, we care about the fact that we don’t have equal access to healthcare, that in the UK we don’t have equal marriage rights, that trans women of colour are at high risk of murder.”

The user also added that Paulson’s reply did no warrant the masses of hate the star was being sent her way.

“[Sarah Paulson’s] reply, in no world, justifies the disgusting (not to mention misogynistic and lesbiphobic) comments being made to her by 14 yr olds on stan Twitter. It isn’t that deep, she’s not the enemy, see the bigger picture I beg.”

Another online user spotlighted Paulson’s previous camaraderie with the trans community which included calling out transphobic figures.

While there has been no fixed overall opinion on the issue, Paulson is yet to comment on what’s happened or offer a follow-up tweet.

The inclusion of pronouns on social media pages is encouraged as it hopes to normalise the visibility of preferred pronouns which limits the risk of someone being misgendered.

Many feel this is a reasonable ask and hope that if cis-gendered people get involved will make including pronouns an unquestioned process.

However, as tweets have shown, some members of the community may not feel comfortable displaying their pronouns or may not find the expression of pronouns a top priority when it comes to LGBTQ+ issues.