Frankie Grande has admitted he was “so nervous” to tell his sister Ariana about his sexuality.

During an interview for the June issue of Gay Times, which is a special Pride-themed edition, the reality star and social media sensation opened up about his coming out experience, explaining that he wanted to wait until he was in a relationship before telling his family.

“I remember being so nervous to tell my little sister,” he said. “I was like, ‘I have something to tell you… I’m gay’, and she was like, ‘Cool, do you have a boyfriend?’ and I was like, ‘Yeah’, she was like, ‘Great, when do I get to meet him?’

“I was like, really? It’s that simple? So it went really, really well.”

While Ariana was entirely unfazed by his sexuality, Frankie explained that his mother Joan had some initial misconceptions about the potential implications that being gay would have on his health, but she quickly came around to the idea.

“With my mom, she didn’t know much about the community,” he recalled.

“She was raised in a different time, where being gay was very unaccepted, and she lost several of her friends to AIDS, so she was very concerned with the fact that I would be able to live a happy, healthy lifestyle.

“Fortunately I’d already met some very well-adjusted, out and proud gay men, so I was able to tell her, ‘Look, I can be one of those men in this world’, and she told me to go out there and do it.”

He continued: “She accepted me for everything I was then, but I think through me she became more educated about the community as a whole, which I think is important for everyone when they’re coming out to their families.”

Frankie also revealed that he’ll soon be releasing a follow-up to his glam-rock inspired single Queen, which came out last year.

“You’re gonna be getting some new music coming out from me, which is gonna be fun,” he told us. “We’re gonna go for a bit of a summer bop, it’ll be fun.”

Read the full conversation in the latest issue of Gay Times, available now.