Photo: Nasty Gal

Tayce has partnered with fashion brand Nasty Gal for her first fierce capsule collection.

Inspired by the “rebellious attitude” of Glam Rock, the line takes inspiration from the Drag Race UK star’s “unyielding confidence, boundless magnetism and ability to transform every pavement into a runway” and boasts lingerie, blazers and leather jackets – a few of which include some of Tayce’s iconic quotes.

“They’re banging, right? Banging!” Tayce says of the collection and her accompanying photoshoot. “She came ready on that day mama, the team was a dream team and we made the dream work. The hair was right, the mug was right, the location was right, the photographer was right, I was right.

“It’s been an amazing collaboration and I’m so honoured to be asked to partake in this and I’m so happy to push the boat out. The looks are able to be worn by anyone, any gender. I wanna push out the gender spectrum.”

Tayce, who has slain the industry with various photoshoots and campaigns since placing runner-up on Drag Race UK season two, says her collaboration with Nasty Gal was a “natural progression” for her and a no-brainer because she loves their demographic, as well as their global coverage.

When we ask the star how important is it for queer youth to see LGBTQ+ entertainers such as herself in mainstream campaigns like this, she tells us: “It’s so important. When I was younger, my inspirations were femme fatales, bad bitches in fighting games and Mortal Kombat; powerful women who were just doing shit.

“Kill Bill is my favourite movie, but it was always women. I never had a mirror image of me to look up to. So I feel now, especially after coming off the show, I wanna advocate for people all around the world – even in Wales – who are like me: mixed race, queer, Black and Welsh, who now know they can fight for things they want because they’ve point blank seen me go and do it.”

Tayce adds: “This campaign is gonna push that inspiration out even more.”

Speaking about life post-Drag Race, Tayce continues: “It’s been amazing, I can’t stop hustling! I like to work girl, I like to make that coin. I’ve been performing, I’ve been doing some shoots.”

She also reveals that she’s planning on recording new music following her monumental success with the United Kingdolls on the Emmy Award-winning series. Their Eurovision-inspired pop banger, UK Hun, peaked in the top 30 of the UK Singles Chart upon release.

“I’m very grateful for what’s been happening and I just want to keep the momentum going, y’know?” Tayce says, before adding of her new music’s potential sound: “It would be very Brooke Candy, Bree Runway, R&B futuristic and electronic.

“I’m very heavy metal and reflective, inside of a spaceship… Sigourney Weaver. That’s the vibe, so be ready.”

Check out the entire range here on Nasty Gal, as well as images from Tayce’s stunning photoshoot below.