Electronic tastemaker Rezz has collaborated with LazyBaby artist Dove Cameron on the new track Taste of You.

The new song is Dove Cameron’s first time working with the EDM artist. Speaking on the collaboration Rezz praised the musician.

“Dove slapped on this and I f*ckin love it,” Rezz said.

“I’ve been a fan of Rezz forever so when she asked me to collaborate I lost my shit. One of my favourite songs I’ve ever done,” Dove commented in a press statement.

The Emmy award-winning actress also shared a tweet promoting the song and her exitment for the new music. “U know i’m # 1 rezz stan. i stay geeked,” the star posted on social media.

Rezz is set to perform at several festivals this year, including Chicago’s North Coast Music Festival, Firefly Festival, and many more.

Dove Cameron has been keeping busy filming The CW’s live-action adaption of The Powerpuff Girls which will include Dove Cameron, Chloe Bennet, and Yana Perrault as the main cast.

Earlier this year, Dove made her musical comeback after releasing the insanely catchy pop tune LazyBaby.

In a short promo video on Instagram, Cameron is seen answering a couple of questions promoting the single.

An off-camera voice asks the singer what she is most grateful for to which she replies: “I’m grateful for my relationship with myself. I think that’s where everything begins and ends and LazyBaby really bridged that gap where I was able to laugh.”

The artist adds: “It’s a funny song — it’s exactly reframing heartbreak so that you can cope with it like ‘I promised you would fuck up my life, why my kitty still got nine.’”

You can watch the music Taste of You (Visualizer) ft. Dove Cameron here or below.