Lissyelle Laricchia

Caroline Kingsbury will be releasing her incredibly emotional and personal LP next April.

Last year was an impressive year for Caroline Kingsbury, opening for artists like Chai, Aurora and Miya Folick, as well as going on her own tour with Alex Lahey. And on top of that, the artist also had her songs featured in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

After capturing all of that success, Caroline is now set to release her debut LP, Heaven’s Just a Flight, on 16 April 2021, which will be the story of a queer artist from a religious family coming out to the world, meeting her girlfriend and finding her people and her place.

The 16-track LP also deals with the incredibly emotional experience of her older brother’s battle with cancer, with him passing away as she arrived home following her first national tour.

Speaking about the LP, Caroline promised that fans would get “16 songs of emotional instability” and joked that “the apocalypse seemed like the perfect time to try” and release a record.

Alongside the LP’s announcement, Caroline released the music video for its second track, Fall in Love, a quirky song about unexpectedly falling in love. The music video, which can be watched either here or below, sees Caroline dancing and thrashing about in her apartment, as well as featuring her real-life girlfriend.

Speaking about her girlfriend and the inspiration behind the song, Caroline told GAY TIMES: “She was the guitarist in the headliner’s band. I was the opener. I met my girlfriend on my first tour ever last August! I got to know the woman I love in cities all across North America.

“In a cramped elevator in Phoenix, I asked her for her number… I texted her ‘Hi this is Tom Hanks. Why? I was/am perpetually awkward! Especially around a beautiful woman I had a crush on!’

“We secretly met in bathrooms and hotel rooms along the tour, thinking we were sneaky, but almost everyone knew. I had melancholy moments being okay with whatever happened after tour while simultaneously falling in love and not wanting to let go of her and the consistent resisting it until I finally gave in.”

And speaking about the personal impact that releasing the song had on her, she explained: “The very fact that I am being recognized by the LGBTQ+ community means I am really actually out! I came out as queer a few years ago, but wasn’t as open about it until this year. My confidence grew as I wrote this music.

“My brother passed away right before COVID from a brain tumor. I just want to channel that into something that can possibly help someone else.

“I am proud of my queerness and hope it helps others to feel the same way about themselves. This song and video are 80’s tinted drama…thrashing around in my bath tub with a gown and full makeup on. And my real life girlfriend, Liv Slingerland, is in the video. We’re cute!”

Here is the tracklist for Caroline Kingsbury’s debut LP, Heaven’s Just a Flight:

1. Power
2. Fall In Love
3. Breaking Apart
4. Massive Escape
6. U Take It Back
7. Kissing Someone Else
8. Ending of Love
9. Give Me A Sign
10. Lose
11. In My Brain
12. Dreams, for You
13. Heaven’s Just A Flight
14. My Brother’s Voice
15. Hero
16. Funeral