If you’re looking for a panda petting, yoga master who can dance it’s time to move to Canada.

Since he was elected as Canada’s Prime Minister it’s almost as if Justin Trudeau has been on a crusade to win our hearts. Not only is he a fine piece of politician, he’s also an inspiring leader, giving a brighter and more optimistic tone to Canada’s government.

Just recently, Toronto Pride announced that he’s going to be the first sitting Prime Minister to join the parade on July 3.

So we thought it would be a good idea to have a look at all the reasons Prime Minister Trudeau is our favourite political heartthrob

01. He’s a bit of a stunner.



Seriously, he even looks good in a cowboy hat.


02. He can dance – and learns as much as he can about other cultures –  check out the PM showing off his bhangra moves at a gathering of Indian Canadians.

03. He is a well-trained yogi – The yoga teacher David Gellineau just recently posted a picture of the Canadian Prime Minister doing the Mayurasana or peacock pose.

04. He keeps very good company – If Barak’s approves, everyone approves.


05. He’s the Prime Minister to pandas – Well not really, but these two he met at The Toronto Zoo certainly loved him.


06. His porn name is Smokey Sussex and he’s favourite Justin is… Timberlake (sorry, Bieber)

Justin Trudeau takes the Maclean’s 60-Second ChallengeTo warm up for more serious questions at #MacTownHall, Justin Trudeau took our 60-Second Challenge. Tune into our town hall with the PM on Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET, and ask your own questions here: http://www.macleans.ca/politics/ottawa/the-macleans-town-hall-with-justin-trudeau/

Publicado por Maclean’s em Segunda, 14 de dezembro de 2015

07. He welcomed refugees from the Syrian crisis to Canada – He even went to the airport himself to greet a government plane full of refugees to Toronto.


08. He’s Star Wars fan.

09. He is a huge supporter of the LGBT community


Justin Trudeau spotted marching in the 2015 Pride Toronto parade taken by Alex Guibord via Flickr

Justin Trudeau spotted marching in the 2015 Pride Toronto parade taken by Alex Guibord via Flickr

Keep up the good work, Mr Prime Minister.

Words Rafael Farias Teixeira