The Voice star Sawyer Fredericks has come out as bisexual in a heartwarming social media post.

On 1 February, the 22-year-old took to Instagram to open up about his sexuality.

“Hey everyone, it is time for my #Truthfultuesday,” he wrote. “Since I have not publicly said this in a post, I wanted to say that I am bisexual.

“When I was younger I thought I was straight, because I was more attracted to women, and I didn’t know there were more options besides gay and straight.

“So I just assumed I was straight I am privileged and have never been discriminated against for my sexuality or ashamed of it. I’m truly sorry for any of you who have been, and I hope it gets better.”

He concluded: “I’ll probably lose some fans over this post, but that’s fine with me.”

Fredericks’ post was met with immediate praise from fans and his industry peers.

One user wrote: “The world needs more people like you, and I’m happy that you’re able to be your true self, embrace it, we love it!”

Another fan commented: “I’m so proud of you! You’re an amazing person and they were never true fans to begin with if they can’t accept your truth.”


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Even Sarah Potenza, who competed alongside Fredericks on the popular series, commented on his post with an encouraging message.

“Welcome to the club! I’m bi. Sending love and support and congrats on coming out,” she said.

In 2015, Fredericks made his debut in the eighth season of the long-running singing competition. During the blind auditions, he captivated the judges with his rendition of Ray LaMontagne’s I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow.

After joining Team Pharrell, the young talent continued to mesmerize the viewers and the judges with his show-stopping performances. In the end, he came out on top as the winner of the coveted title.

Fredericks’ coming out announcement comes a few months after he opened up about his experience on the popular series.

In an interview with CT Insider, the young talent described The Voice as a “really good bootcamp.”

“One of the things that I really liked about ‘The Voice’ was getting to be around all these other musicians and hearing different types of styles,” he explained.

“That definitely developed me as an artist. Over time, I was figuring out that not only am I progressing, I’m getting better and better at guitar playing and working with other artists and hearing different sounds.

“I’m honing what I know I like and don’t like. I think my music has progressed after all these experiences I’ve been through.”