This is HERstory honey!

Urm… Did that just happen? Did Drag Race really just go there? We know we often say shit like ‘this was the most shocking moment in Drag Race HERstory’ or ‘we’re so gagged by what just happened on Drag Race’, but now we truly mean it okcur?

For the long-awaited All Stars 4 finale, the top four queens had to write, sing, and dance to RuPaul’s massive bop Super Queen, and lordt it was a mothertucking production! Remember Read U Wrote U? Kitty Girl? Neither do we. No, we do (delete delete), we’re just being dramatic to emphasise how ah-mah-zeng this performance was.

Shortly after, the contestants sashayed down the runway in their finest drag, provided us with four of their most sickening lewks ever (especially Naomi, like, c’mon) and then told Mama Ru why they deserve to win the crown.

After Ru deliberated with Michelle, Ross, Carson and Todrick, she revealed the top two All Stars of the season: Monét X Change and Trinity The Tuck. Sadly, Monique Heart and Naomi Smalls were told it’s “not their time”.

Monét and Trinity then lip synced for the crown to Christina Aguilera’s pop rock classic, Fighter (we’re very happy it wasn’t another ballad like AS2&3) and as you can imagine with these lip sync assassins, it was epic. There were splits, kicks, flips, the whole shebang.

RuPaul – aided by previous winners Chad Michaels, Alaska and Trixie Mattel – then delivered the gag of the century… Monét and Trinity are both winners (baby). Yup, the first double crowning in Drag Race HERstory.

To quote Gia Gunn: “There’s room for everybody, let’s just say that!” It’s obviously a gag, but we think we speak on behalf on everyone when we say we’re thrilled because the Drag Race Hall of Fame finally has some diversity!

Was it the right top two? Should it have just been one winner? Or should Mama Ru have just thought ‘Eh, fuck it’ and crowned Manila instead? Let us know what you think in the comments…

On 28 February, the highly-anticipated 11th regular season of the Emmy Award winning series will debut, and will see Miley Cyrus go “undercover in the workroom to spy on the new cast of queens.”

In the UK, Drag Race is presumed to debut on Netflix the morning after it premieres in the US, just like the ninth and 10th seasons. However, this is yet to be confirmed, so don’t take our word for it…

The cast of season 11 was announced last month on VH1’s official YouTube channel by reigning Drag Race champion Aquaria and Olympic skater Adam Rippon.

Check out each queen’s profile here, and watch the gag-worthy season 11 trailer below.

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