The Australian hunk drove his followers crazy with his latest revealing post. 

Matthew Hanham – Aussie stud, speedo collector, ‘thirst-trap’ selfie culprit – has caused quite a reaction on Instagram with his latest photo.

The photo in question sees the blonde, muscular hunk laying in bed with half of his derriere on show, and it has drove his followers crazy. 

We can’t really blame them though. See below.

Instagram users were quick to post several, erm, subtle comments.

“Wakey wakey, dat ass like cakey”, “your selfies turn me on” and “ur boyfriend is so lucky to get that cake” are just a few examples.

One user wrote, “you are simply stunning” and another commented, “why am I drooling”.

That last comment we can relate to.

You can follow Matthew on Instagram here.

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